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What Is ClickFunnels? How Can It Help Your Business & How Much Does It Cost?

You’re not alone in wondering what is ClickFunnels? There are hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you asking that exact same question.

In this what is ClickFunnels review article, I’ll be taking you through:

  • What ClickFunnels is
  • What is a sales funnel
  • How ClickFunnels could help your business
  • Benefits of using ClickFunnels
  • Russel Brunson’s free books
  • How ClickFunnels compares to the competition
  • ClickFunnels 14 day free trial
  • How much does ClickFunnels cost per month?
  • How to get an amazing ClickFunnels discount of $785
  • Funnel Hacker Secrets

By the end of this ClickFunnels review, you’ll know whether or not ClickFunnels is the right online marketing platform for you or not.

What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels Logo

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one online marketing platform for selling your products and services through sales funnels and email marketing.

Founded and based in Eagle Idaho by Todd Dickerson and Russell Brunson in 2014, ClickFunnels now has grown from zero to over 108,000 active subscribers.

The number one draw for ClickFunnels (besides being very good value for money) is its ease of use. Long gone are the days when you have to hire a tech team to build your websites, you can do it all in ClickFunnels (even if you have zero tech skills) as it works on a very simple drag and drop platform.

You don’t even have to build your own sales funnels and landing pages if you don’t want to. ClickFunnels has a huge library of sales funnel landing page templates that you can use and you only have to alter text and images to suit your needs.

To make it even easier to use, ClickFunnels allows users to share funnels with other users. Let’s say someone else builds you a funnel, all they have to do is send you a URL link, you click on that link and the funnel installs itself into your ClickFunnels account.

To see just how simple this process is, check out the following article: How To Share A Funnel In ClickFunnels

Some of the ClickFunnels features include:

  • Landing page builder/editor
  • Sales funnel builder/editor
  • Follow-Up Funnel Email autoresponder – or integrate a third-party email responder provider, such as Get Response
  • A/B Split testing
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Excellent training resources
  • Affiliate program

What Is A Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel Diagram

A sales funnel is a series of steps that takes someone from being a first-time website (or brick and mortar store) visitor and turning them into a lifetime customer.

The basic steps of a sales funnel are:

  • Awareness: You become aware that a particular product or service exists
  • Discovery: You discover where this particular product or service is available from
  • Evaluation: You evaluate whether that product or service may be right for you
  • Intent: You’re realising that this thing is for you so you intend to try it out
  • Purchase: You purchase said product or service and try it out
  • Loyalty: You’re so happy with what you got that you trust this service provider implicitly and become a loyal customer

A traditional website has loads of distractions, think of it as a multi-lane highway, whereas a sales funnel is a one-way road where you know exactly where you are going. By guiding your customers into a sales funnel, they are much more likely to make a purchase.

A perfect example of a sales funnel is McDonald’s. The steps on the McDonald’s funnel are:

  1. You order your burger
  2. You’re then asked if you’d like fries and a drink
  3. If you accept you’re then asked if you’d like to “go large” on your order
  4. Whether you accept or not, you’re asked if you’d like a dessert to go with your meal

That’s a sales funnel in a nutshell. I have several other examples of sales funnels in this article.

Why a sales funnel works so well is due to the fact you’ve put your product (and your product only) directly in front of your customer, rather than having your product mixed in with your competitor’s products like on a supermarket shelf.

A perfect example of this is when I go shopping with my wife, (how many of you can relate to this!) we get to the hair products aisle and she wants a bottle of shampoo…..

A Woman Shopping For Shampoo

There are so many brands and options to choose from….she wants to find the one for her hair color, then does she want moisturizing, volumizing, de-frizzing, and once that’s decided, then she’s got to pick the fragrance from about 10 different options. Guys are like “Just pick one already!” Once she’s got her shampoo, then she wants conditioner too!

Whereas with a sales funnel it’s much simpler. You’d offer your bottle of shampoo with a ‘Yes Please’ or ‘No Thank You’ option.

Example Sale sFunnel Page For Shampoo

You see how much simpler that is, no other products to distract your customer, it’s a straight yes or no decision.

Does ClickFunnels Actually Work?

If you want proof of that, just think about it, ClickFunnels now has over 100,000 paying subscribers, myself included.

ClickFunnels also has what it calls the “Two Comma Club”

To become a member of the Two Comma Club you have to generate at least $1,000,000 in sales revenue with a single sales funnel. At the time of writing this article, there are 737 members of the “Two Comma Club” with the youngest member being just 13 years old!

If you think I’m kidding (pun fully intended!) check out this video where Russell Brunson interviews the boy himself, Noah Lenz:

Pretty safe to say ClickFunnels is legit.

ClickFunnels For Local Business

Depending on your type of business depends on how ClickFunnels can help you.

I’ll go over a few examples here of different business models and how ClickFunnels can fit in with that particular business model.

All of these examples start out by giving your customer something either for free or heavily discounted in exchange for their name, email address, and cell phone number.

The reason for this is due to people being reluctant to share this information nowadays, so if you offer them something for free they are much more likely to share their information with you and this also helps to build trust between yourself and your customer.  Obviously, you have to be upfront and honest that you will be contacting your customers with offers, etc, so make sure they agree to this before taking their details.

You must comply with GDPR if you are either based in the EU / EAA or if any of your customers are EU / EAA based and you are collecting their data, even if you are based in the US, or elsewhere.

ClickFunnels For Gyms

People Working Out At A Gym

Like any other gym, you need members.

What you would do with ClickFunnels is set up a ‘lead generation’ funnel that will capture the name, email address, and cell phone number of any potential new members.

In exchange for this information, you would offer them something along the lines of:

  • A free, or heavily discounted, workout session
  • A free unlimited 7-day pass
  • A free consultation with one of your fitness instructors

You could offer them practically anything to get them through your door to try out your gym.

Once they’ve seen what you can offer them, they’re more likely to join your monthly membership program. Even if they don’t sign up, you can still email or SMS them to entice them back as you have their contact details.

Email out inspirational stories of your gym members, for example, before and after transformations, potential customers love to see proof that you know what you’re doing and can get results!

Once you have your members signed up, you can use ClickFunnels to keep a track of when membership payments are due for renewal by integrating ClickFunnels with practically any existing software you may be already using, as everything will be done in one place it will be much easier to manage and help take the workload off your shoulders and let you focus on doing what you enjoy.

If you are in the gym/fitness club niche, I highly recommend you look at the ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge as you can get an insight into the minds of two “Two Comma Club” members (Natalie Hodson and Pat Rigsby) who have both made themselves millionaires using ClickFunnels in this niche!

ClickFunnels For Dentists

ClickFunnels For Dentists

A dentist, just like a gym, would use a lead magnet funnel for attracting new patients.

Russell Brunson gives this as a perfect example of a sales funnel in action in his book Dot Com Secrets. Here’s the diagram he uses in his book:

Dentists Value Ladder Illustration

You’ve attracted your patient into you with the offer of free teeth cleaning and check-up.

Whilst they’re in with you you could offer discounted teeth whitening, retainers, or even cosmetic work should they need it. Hopefully, they’ll be so happy with your services that they’ll then sign up for your 6 monthly check-ups and become a long term patient.

Dentistry is one of the services ClickFunnels has ready made templates for. All you’d have to do with it is edit the logo and basic contact information to your own and you’re ready to start generating new clients.

Again you could email out updates (with your patient’s permission of course) before and after images of any work you have done, any special promotions you may be running, and of course to remind them of when they are due for their next check-up with you.

ClickFunnels For Chiropractors

ClickFunnels For Chiropractors

After leading your potential clients to your landing page, you could persuade them to give you their email address and contact details by offering them something along the lines of a free massage.

While they’re in with you offer them a discount on an adjustment with the long-term aim of getting them coming in regularly for more adjustments from you.

Chiropractor Value Ladder Illustration

ClickFunnels For Physical ProductsMake Up and Tools

There are practically unlimited businesses that could use a ClickFunnels physical products funnel:

  • Car care
  • Haircare
  • Movie store
  • Music store
  • Nail care
  • Pet store
  • Scented candles
  • Skincare
  • Tools

If you have a business that sells physical products, you have two options here. A ‘free + shipping’ lead generation funnel or a full-on sales funnel, it’s up to you. Either way, you’re still giving something away free or heavily discounted in exchange for your customer’s name, email address, and cell phone number.

Free + Shipping Funnel

With the ‘free + shipping’ model you’d offer a single product from your range to your customer for free or, they only have to pay for the shipping costs.

You can then follow up with emails and SMS offering them further products and services that go with the product they already purchased.

Just remember to make the offers relevant to that customer, if they bought a dog harness, there’s probably no point offering them a cat bed.  ClickFunnels allows you easily segment your customers into relevant categories so you can do targeted marketing, e.g. people who purchased ‘dog products’, ‘cat products’, or ‘fish products’.

Sales Funnel

This starts off as per the example above, where you offer a product for free, the buyer just pays for shipping.

After your customer has entered their credit card information you can then offer them a few other products as a bundle, for example, let’s say you’ve given someone a bottle of car shampoo, you could say “Hey, as you’ve taken up the offer of free car shampoo, how would you like to add the following one -time special offer bundle: glass cleaner, wheel cleaner, and interior cleaner, for only ‘$ x amount’ extra?”

As your customer has already given the credit card details on the previous page, and you’ve naturally made them an offer they can’t refuse with this amazing bundle, they are far more inclined to click on the “Yes Please” button of your funnel. Even if they don’t take you up on the offer, give them chance to use the free car shampoo, then offer the bundle again, if they were happy with the car shampoo they are much more likely to purchase off you in the future.

ClickFunnels Brick & Mortar

ClickFunnels Brick and Mortar

A lot of people seem to think that ClickFunnels is just for online businesses. Well let me tell you, they’re wrong! If you have a brick and mortar business ClickFunnels can work for you too.

Obviously, I can’t go into every type of brick and mortar business here, however, I suggest you check out the ClickFunnel Brick and Mortar summit.

The ClickFunnels Brick and Mortar Summit is a totally free series of interviews from 15 entrepreneurs, who just like you own a brick and mortar business and have used ClickFunnels to increase their sales and profitability. Each one of them will give you their own strategy for attracting at least 100 new customers in the shortest time possible.

Click the image below to get free access to this incredible training:

ClickFunnels Brick & Mortar Summit

ClickFunnels Benefits


Now that I’ve given you examples of how ClickFunnels can help your business, let’s move on to some of the benefits ClickFunnels offers you.

Ease Of Use

As stated previously, you don’t need to have any tech experience to use ClickFunnels. It works on a drag and drop system so even a complete newbie can use it.

One of the really cool features of ClickFunnels is the share a funnel feature. If you don’t want to build your funnel, you can have someone build it for you.

All they do is then send you the web URL for the funnel, you click it, the funnel then installs into your ClickFunnels account.

To see just how simple this process is check out my how to share a funnel in ClickFunnels article.

Deleting and restoring funnels is also straight forward: How To Delete A Funnel In ClickFunnels


You don’t even have to build a funnel if you don’t want as ClickFunnels comes with lots of ready-made templates. All you have to do is edit the text and swap the images to your own.


With ClickFunnels, you have everything you need for marketing your business all in one place.

If you already have other software you use for your business you’re in good hands, as ClickFunnels has a ton of integrations available so you can market your entire business completely from your ClickFunnels account.

For a complete list of ClickFunnels integrations, please see this article.

14-Day Free Trial

You can try ClickFunnels totally free for 14-days to see if you think it can fit in with your business needs. You do need a credit card to start your trial, but as long as you cancel before the trial period ends you won’t be charged a cent.

See this article for instructions on how to cancel your ClickFunnels account: How To Cancel ClickFunnels

Affiliate Program

As you’re in business to make money, why not mention the affiliate program. If you recommend ClickFunnels to others and they subscribe, ClickFunnels pays you up to a 40% recurring monthly commission for each subscriber.

They have a range of products you can promote ranging in price from free to thousands of dollars.

You will need to connect your ClickFunnels account to Tipalti in order to be paid your affiliate commissions.

You can read my review of the ClickFunnels affiliate program here: An In-Depth ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review

Other Resources Available To You

ClickFunnels has its own blog with articles on how to perform tasks such as integrating any software you currently use.

Russell Brunson’s YouTube channel has a ton of video help and tutorials.

DotCom Secrets – Russell Brunson’s first book which explains to you exactly how to grow and scale your company online using sales funnels.

This book is free, you just cover the cost of shipping.

Expert Secrets – Russel Brunson’s second book teaches you how to unlock the leader within you and turn first-time visitors to your sales funnel/website into lifelong customers.

Again, this book is free, you just cover the cost of shipping.

Traffic Secrets – Russel Brunson’s third book teaches you how to flood your sales funnel/website with your dream customers.

Like the other two books mentioned above, this book is free, you just pay for shipping.

The Secrets Trilogy Books Set

All 3 books are available in a box set called The Secrets Trilogy which comes with an exclusive bonus workbook for you to create your own business battle plan.

You can ready my Secrets Trilogy review here: The Secrets Trilogy Box Set by Russell Brunson

ClickFunnels vs The Competition

ClickFunnels vs The Competition

ClickFunnels vs GetResponse

GetResponse, like ClickFunnels, is an all-in-one marketing software.

GetResponse started out as just an email autoresponder service but recently started offering you a funnel building as well. ClickFunnels is far superior when it comes to funnel building. It’s way more intuitive, has many more customization options available, and remember the share a funnel feature? GetResponse doesn’t offer this.

GetResponse may be cheaper at the beginning, however, it gets more expensive as your email contact lists start to grow. ClickFunnels has one fixed price for unlimited email contacts, however, the ClickFunnels email autoresponder service is only available on their Platinum plan.

Customer support is one area GetResponse beats ClickFunnels hands down. With 24/7 online support, you can get around the clock help from a person at GetResponse. With ClickFunnels you have to use the automated virtual assistant or email support and wait for a reply. Whilst I have always had a prompt and courteous reply, and had my problem resolved with just a single email, there’s no substitute for being able to contact a real person 24/7.

For a more in-depth comparison please see this article: ClickFunnels vs GetResponse The Showdown

ClickFunnels vs Kartra

Kartra is another all-in-one platform for marketing your business. They offer you every tool you could possibly need from funnels, emails, and tracking.

Where they differ from ClickFunnels is the quality of these tools, for funnels, landing pages, etc, ClickFunnels wins hands down.

Whereas Kartra has every tool built-in, with ClickFunnels you can integrate other service providers for this. I personally prefer to use the ClickFunnels integrations for my business as I like to use the best provider for each service I use. Yes, it costs me more, but you know what they say about getting what you pay for.

The easiest way to explain my thinking would be, let’s say you have a house built for you, would you expect the builder, to put in the electrics, the plumbing and fit the roof themselves, or would you want them to have a professional electrician, plumber and roofer do that work? I know which option I’d take.

Kartra, like Getresponse, starts off cheaper than ClickFunnels, but once your email list grows above a certain threshold, Kartra quickly becomes more expensive.

ClickFunnels Pricing – How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost

ClickFunnels Free Trial

ClickFunnels starts with a free 14-day trial regardless of which pricing plan you choose.

If you’re here looking for the ClickFunnels 30 day trial, or the ClickFunnels 60 day trial then I have some bad news for you.  Currently, there is only the ClickFunnels 14 day free trial available to you.

Should this change at any point I will be sure to update this article and give you the latest correct information.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

How much does ClickFunnels cost per month?

ClickFunnels has two pricing plans, the Basic Plan and the Platinum Plan.

  1. ClickFunnels Basic costs $97 per month
  2. ClickFunnels Platinum costs $297 per month

If you’re looking for the ClickFunnels $19 plan, then again I have some bad news. The ClickFunnels $19 plan was withdrawn some time ago.

You can still get a great deal on a ClickFunnels discount though.

ClickFunnels Discount – How To GetClickFunnels Cheaper

ClickFunnels Discount

ClickFunnels Discount Method 1: Take Out An Annual Subscription

When you take out an annual subscription you get 12 months for the price of 10.

Click Funnel pricing for annual plans costs:

  1. ClickFunnels Basic costs $997 per year, saving you $167
  2. ClickFunnels Platinum costs $2,997 per year, saving you $567

Here’s a side by side comparison of the Basic and Platinum plans:

As you can see, you get an awful lot of value for your money and by taking the annual subscription you could save up to $567 per year!

For a full in-depth comparison of the Basic and Platinum plans, please see this article: ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels Discount Method 2: Funnel Hacking Secrets Bundle – Saving $785

Funnel Hacking Secrets Bundle

The get the Funnel Hacking Secrets bundle you need to join the free Funnel Hacking Secrets Webinar:

Funnel Hacking Secrets Webinar

By joining this free webinar you will learn what type of funnel will work best for your type of business, and what hundreds (if not thousands) of entrepreneurs just like you are doing to increase boost their online sales by using sales funnels.

In the Funnel Hacking Secrets Weblass, you will learn the three main reasons why funnel hacking works so well:

Three Main Lessons In The Funnel Hacking Secrets Webinar

  • Secret 1: How to ethically steal over $1,000,000 worth of funnel hacks from your competitor for less than $100
  • Secret 2: How to clone their proven funnel inside of ClickFunnels in less than 10 minutes
  • Secret 3: How to get the exact same customers who are going to your competitor’s websites to come to your funnel instead

Funnel Hacking Secrets Bundle will cost you $997 which is an amazing deal when you consider what you get:

  • 6 months ClickFunnels Platinum subscription – A saving of $785 off the cost of subscribing monthly
  • Free Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass (includes over 100 funnel templates)
  • Free Traffic Secrets training course
  • Free unlimited access to virtual hack-a-thons
  • Free ClickFunnels Unlimited bonus

Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass Offer

All that fully backed by a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee.

Click the image below to get this amazing ClickFunnels discount and get the Funnel Hacking Secrets bundle today:

Funnel Hacking Secrets Banner


If you’re looking for an online marketing tool to grow your business, I highly recommend ClickFunnels.

I use them in my own business so have no hesitation in recommending you give them a try with the free 14-day trial.

Sure some of the competition may be lower in price, but you get so much value from ClickFunnels, they’re worth every cent of the extra cost. A big bonus they have is called FunnelFlix, think NetFlix for entrepreneurs! They also offer a ton of free training.

ClickFunnels 14 Day Free Trial Order Button

Don’t forget the Funnel Hacker Secrets bundle if you want an amazing $785 ClickFunnels discount, fully backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If ClickFunnels is too expensive for you, which I realize it can be if you are just starting a new business, see ClickFunnels vs GetResponse for a cheaper ClickFunnels alternative.

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