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In-Depth ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review – All You Need To Know!

I have been a Clickfunnels subscriber and affiliate for a few years now, so thought I’d put together all the info you need to know in one convenient place, in this ClickFunnels affiliate program review.

ClickFunnels is great for making money online by selling your own products and services, but it’s also a great way of earning income through its free affiliate program.

In this article,  I’ll reveal the full potential of the ClickFunnels affiliate program to you:

  • What Is ClickFunnels
  • What is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
  • How Does ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Work
  • Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Free
  • What Products Can I Promote
  • ClickFunnels Dream Car
  • When Does ClickFunnels Pay Affiliates Commission
  • How To Become A Clickfunnels Affiliate
  • ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Free ClickFunnels Course
  • FAQ

What Is ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels logo

ClickFunnels is an online digital marketing platform primarily used for building high-converting sales funnels.

Founded in 2014 by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson, Click Funnels has gone on to be one of the biggest and most trusted names in the online marketing world.

With a reputation for over-delivering in terms of performance and results, they’re the perfect company for you to use in your business (whether that’s online or on the high street) for increasing sales through the use of sales funnels.

As ClickFunnels works on a simple drag & drop platform, you don’t have to be a techno-nerd or spend tons of money hiring one. They are simply the best sales funnel builder you can subscribe to.

You can read my full ClickFunnels review here: What Is ClickFunnels? How Can It Help Your Business

What Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing process

Like all affiliate programs, when you promote ClickFunnels to other people through whatever medium you choose (blog, YouTube channel, Facebook ads, etc) and they make a purchase after clicking on your affiliate links, you receive a commission from ClickFunnels.

The best bit about ClickFunnels is that they pay you a recurring commission of up to 40% for every month for anybody who signs up through your affiliate links and remains a subscriber.

Another really cool feature is what ClickFunnels call the Sticky Cookie…

When you refer someone to ClickFunnels, you provide them with a link to click on. This link contains a code (referred to as a cookie) that is placed on your web browser and tells ClickFunnels who sent that person to them.

On some affiliate programs, like Amazon, for example, this cookie only lasts for 24 hours or until that person clicks on somebody else’s link which will then overwrite yours.

The Sticky Cookie in ClickFunnels lasts forever, hence the term ‘sticky’. ClickFunnels links the email address your lead uses to sign up to and/or purchase from ClickFunnels to you. Your leads are then “stuck” to you.

If the person you referred ever upgrades to a higher-priced service or purchases other products and services from ClickFunnels, you will receive a commission for that too, even if this happens several years into the future!

How Does ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Work?

ClickFunnels changed its affiliate program (also known as the ClickFunnels partner program or ClickFunnels referral program) around August 2019 due to excessive amounts of affiliates manipulating the system and poaching other affiliates’ referrals.

As a new affiliate, instead of being able to promote everything and earn 40% commissions across the board from day one, you are now limited as to what you can promote in the beginning and you have to work your way up to the 40% commission rate.

When you first signup to the ClickFunnels affiliate program or begin your Clickfunnels 14-day free trial, you are classed as a Tier 1 Affiliate.

As a Tier 1 Affiliate, you earn 40% on ClickFunnels front-end offers, and 20% on the ClickFunnels back-end offers.

ClickFunnels Front End Offers

Front-end offers are the books, including any upsells your referral may purchase and the One Funnel Away Challenge.

ClickFunnels Back End Offers

Back-end offers are all the other ClickFunnels products your referral may purchase after their initial purchase; ie ClickFunnels subscription.

Once you have earned $1,000 in a 30 day period and have completed the Affiliate Bootcamp, you can apply to ClickFunnels to become an Approved Affiliate at 30%. This will put you on to the 30% commission for all back-end purchases.

Once you’ve got 40 referrals to subscribe to Clickfunnels, you can apply to become an Approved Affiliate at 40%. This will put you on to the 40% commission rate across the board. To stay on the 40% commission you have to have at least 40 subscribers to stay with the ClickFunnels software.

Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Free

Yes, it is. You can either sign up as an affiliate only or you can signup for a ClickFunnels 14 day free trial and you are automatically enrolled in the ClickFunnels affiliate program from day one.

I would advise you to subscribe to ClickFunnels at some point if you are going to promote the platform as an affiliate, as you can do a much better job of promoting any service if you know how it works properly. It will be blatantly obvious to your viewers (if you’re doing a YouTube channel) or readers (if you’re making a blog) that you’re only promoting rather than actually using ClickFunnels. It’s always best to promote something you actually use.

What Products Can You Promote On The Affiliate Program?

You can promote the following ClickFunnels affiliate products.

30 Day SummitLaptop showing the 30 Days Summit logo on the screen

The 30 Days Summit training is completely free of charge.

It is a series of interviews with 30 of ClickFunnels “Two Comma Club” members. The Two Comma Club is for entrepreneurs who have each made at least $1 MILLION with a single sales funnel.

Each one of them gives you a 30-day battle plan of what they would do if they suddenly lost everything, had to start from scratch and had just 30 days to build a profitable business.

You get a real insight into the minds of the most successful ClickFunnels super affiliates and how they would go about going from zero to profitable in just 30 days if they suddenly found they had lost their money, their business, their reputation, everything….

My favorite ‘super affiliate’ is Spencer Mecham, he’s an ex Clickfunnels employee and has some awesome free training courses, keep reading for the links to access his training.

The 30 Days Summit training comes as a set of videos drip-fed to you over a few days, with each set only being available to you for 24 hours.

Watch them, take notes, and if you have the time, watch them again as you’ll get an amazing insight into the minds of people who were once in your shoes.

At the end of each video, your referral is offered the opportunity to take the next step and join the One Funnel Away Challenge.

How Much Can You Earn From The 30 Days Summit

One Hundred Dollar Bill

Whilst getting someone to sign up for the 30 Days Summit doesn’t earn you a commission, if they sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge, which will be offered to them, that will earn you a $100 commission.

If your referral doesn’t take up the offer of the One Funnel Away Challenge, it’s not the end of the line as they’ve had to enter their email address with ClickFunnels. That referral is now sticky cookied to you and should they purchase anything from ClickFunnels down the line, you will earn a commission.

Brick & Mortar SummitBrick & Mortar Summit Banner

The Brick & Mortar Summit is another completely free of charge offering that is aimed at people who have a high street store or business, hence the term brick & mortar.

Like the 30 days summit, it’s a series of interviews from 17 top ClickFunnels Affiliates (all Two Comma Club members), who operate a brick & mortar business themselves. Each one of them gives a day by day battle plan of how they would generate 100 new customers in 100 days using only a ClickFunnels account, a phone, and an internet connection. These videos are available for 96 hours.

Again, at the end of each video, your referral is offered the opportunity to take the next step and join the One Funnel Away Challenge.

How Much Can You Earn From The Brick & Mortar Summit

$100 Commission For Brick & Mortar Summit

Just like the 30 Days Summit, signing up for the Brick & Mortar Summit doesn’t earn you anything at all, but should your referral sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge, that will earn you a $100 commission.

That referral is now sticky cookied to you, and should they purchase anything from ClickFunnels down the line, you will earn a commission.

One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge is exactly what you need when you start out as a ClickFunnels subscriber or as a ClickFunnels affiliate marketer.

It’s a 30-day fast-paced training course where Russell Brunson and his team help you learn how ClickFunnels works and how to get the best out of the software.  By the end of the training, you will have built and launched your first funnel!

Having taken the One Funnel Away Challenge myself, I can honestly say it is the best $100 I have ever invested in myself! See my review of the OFA challenge here.

One Funnel Away Challenge Order Button

How Much Can I Earn From The One Funnel Away Challenge

$100 Commission For One Funnel Away Challenge

It costs your referrals $100 to join and you get 100% of that commission from the One Funnel Away affiliate program.

DotCom Secrets

DotCom Secrets Book

The first book to be written by Russell Brunson, the definitive guide on how to start and grow a successful business using sales funnels. This is offered on a ‘free + shipping’ basis, the book is free you just have to cover the cost of shipping.

If you haven’t read DotCom Secrets yet, I highly recommend you do. As you’re promoting a sales funnel software it would help if you understand how sales funnels work yourself.

You can read my review of DotCom Secrets here: Dot Com Secrets Review – New 2nd Edition Hardback Update

How Much Can You Earn From DotCom Secrets

You can earn $1 per book and there are several upsells within the funnel which could net you a 40% commission, totaling $311 if they’re taken:

DotCom Secrets Upsells

Expert Secrets

Four Expert Secrets Book

The second book to be written by Russell Brunson and the follow-up to DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets is all about turning website visitors into lifelong customers.

Like DotCom Secrets, this is also a free + shipping offer, and another book I would highly recommend you read if you’re wanting to get into affiliate marketing.

You can read my review of Expert Secrets here: Expert Secrets Book Review – New & Improved 2nd Edition Hardback

How Much Can You Earn From Expert Secrets

You can earn $1 per book and there are several upsells within the funnel which could net you a 40% commission, totaling $311 if they’re taken:

Expert Secrets Upsells

Traffic Secrets

Four Traffic Secrets Books

Russell Brunson’s latest must-read book is the third offering in his “Secrets trilogy”. You’re going to need to know how to drive traffic to your funnel or whatever medium you’re using to promote ClickFunnels….no traffic, no commissions!

Offered as (you’ve guessed it) free + shipping with several upsells offered.

You can read my Traffic Secrets review here: Traffic Secrets Book Review: The Definitive Guide To Traffic Generation

How Much Can You Earn From Traffic Secrets

You can earn $1 per book and there are several upsells within the funnel which could net you a 40% commission, totaling $311 if they’re taken:

Traffic Secrets Upsells

Now we’ve covered off what you can promote as a Tier 1 affiliate, I’ll go over what you can promote as an Approved Affiliate.

14 Day ClickFunnels Free Trial

ClickFunnels Free Training 14 Day Free Trial Poster

What it says on the tin, you can promote a 14-day free trial of ClickFunnels and if your referral signs up to the paid monthly service after the trial finishes, ClickFunnels will pay you a monthly recurring commission for each referral who remains a ClickFunnels subscriber.  The more people you get to sign up the more you earn.

You can only promote this once you have made at least $1,000 in commissions in a single month.

Once you’ve hit that target, contact ClickFunnels and apply to be an approved affiliate so you can promote the 14 day free trial. You start out at a 30% commission until you have got 40 paying subscribers signed up to ClickFunnels.

Once you have 40 subscribers you can apply to be moved up to a 40% monthly recurring commission on both the Basic and Platinum plans. This is reviewed on a monthly basis.

ClickFunnels Dream Car

Red Ferrari Win Your Dream Car

One of the really awesome features of the ClickFunnels affiliate program is the “Dream Car” offer. Here is how it works.

You first need to get 100 people to sign up and remain subscribed monthly to ClickFunnels.

Once you have got 100 people to subscribe monthly, that is when the dream car bonus comes in.

All you do now is go and lease your dream car and ClickFunnels will then pay you an additional (on top of your regular commissions) $500 per month towards the lease of your dream car.

If you can get 200 subscribers, the monthly dream car bonus increases to $1,000 per month!

Should your referrals be on the Basic plan at $97 per month, you would be earning:

  • 100 subscribers = $3,880 per month + $500 Dream Car bonus = $4,380 per month
  • 200 subscribers = $7,760 + $1,000 Dream Car bonus = $8,760 per month

Should your subscribers be on the Platinum plan at $297 per month, you would be earning:

  • 100 subscribers = $11,880 per month + $500 Dream Car bonus = $12,380 per month
  • 200 subscribers = $23, 760 per month + $1,000 Dream Car bonus = $24,760 per month

There are of course terms and conditions for the dream car bonus which you can read here.

On top of that, there are also the commissions that will come your way from anything and everything else your referrals buy from ClickFunnels, even if this is years down the line in the future.

Funnel Hacking Secrets & Funnel Builder Secrets

Funnel Hacker Bundle & Price


These are free webinars, called Funnel Hacking Secrets which show you how you could boost sales by 540%!!

At the end of this presentation, your referrals are offered the chance to sign up for ClickFunnels Funnel Hacking Secrets bundle:

How Much Can You Earn From Funnel Hacker Secrets

  • If you’re on the 20% commission rate that’s $199.40
  • If you’re on the 30% commission rate that’s $299.10.
  • If you’re on the 40% commission rate that’s $398.80

How Do ClickFunnels Pay You Your Affiliate Commissions?

Fistful of dollars

You have two choices on how to receive your payments from ClickFunnels:

  1. Check in the mail.
  2. PayPal.

One thing you have to do before you can get paid your affiliate commissions is to link your ClickFunnels account to a service called Tipalti. This is who handles the ClickFunnels affiliate program payout.

I have the following article which takes you step-by-step through this process: How To Connect Your ClickFunnels Account To Tipalti.

When Does ClickFunnels Pay Affiliates Commission?

You will receive your ClickFunnels affiliate payment every two weeks, around the 1st and 15th of the month. You have to wait until after the 30 day refund period and there must be at least $100 owed to you.

You will receive an email from ClickFunnels advising you of how much they are paying you and you can also keep track of your affiliate commission earnings within the ClickFunnels affiliate center.

How To Become A ClickFunnels Affiliate

Becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate is simple.

If you want to be an affiliate only go to the ClickFunnels affiliate program sign up page:

Alternatively, if you want to use ClickFunnels so you know it works, sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge and then sign up for your 14 day Clickfunnels free trial during week 3 of the challenge.

Don’t forget to set up your Tipalti account so you can get paid your commissions.

ClickFunnels Affiliate BootcampClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

As a requirement to get upgraded to be an approved affiliate, you need to have completed the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp training course.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is a free training course from 15 of ClickFunnels top affiliates (including that Spencer Mecham guy again) about how they’d go about earning a full-time income in just 100 days from the ClickFunnels affiliate program if they suddenly lost everything and had to start from scratch all over again.

Like the Brick & Mortar Summit, this training consists of a series of interviews that you only have 96 hours to watch, so make sure you watch and take notes, you’ll remember far more if you actually write things down on paper as you go along.

If you choose to sign up for the ClickFunnels 14 day free trial, you will get the Affiliate Bootcamp training course included.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review Conclusion: Should You Join?

Can you make $1,000 per month with ClickFunnels? Of course, in fact, by becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate you can potentially earn tens of thousands per month if you’re willing to put in enough time and effort.

As the ClickFunnels affiliate program commission rate is up to a very generous 40% and it’s a monthly recurring payment once people start to subscribe, you could make a full-time living out of this.

Don’t forget the incredible What’s Your Dream Car ClickFunnels affiliate challenge!

One thing to be aware of, if you’re wanting to ‘get rich quick’ affiliate marketing is not for you. It takes time, effort, and perseverance.

For the best way to promote ClickFunnels, check out Spencer Mecham’s free ClickFunnels training course mentioned above.

If you decide to join the list of ClickFunnels affiliates, I wish you the very best in your affiliate marketing journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ClickFunnels Affiliate program review, I hope you’ve found it helpful.


Is ClickFunnels Legit / Are ClickFunnels Safe / Is ClickFunnels A Scam / Is ClickFunnels A Pyramid Scheme

Yes, ClickFunnels is 100% legit, is perfectly safe, and is definitely not a scam. ClickFunnels is not a pyramid scheme. They certainly wouldn’t have over 100,000 subscribers (which includes me) if not.

Related articles: Is ClickFunnels Safe and Is ClickFunnels A Pyramid Scheme

Can ClickFunnels Replace Your Website / Is ClickFunnels A Website Builder

ClickFunnels can not only replace your website for selling your products and services, it can outperform it too.

Can You Use ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can use ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing. ClickFunnels are the best in the business for building landing pages to collect email addresses and sell other people’s products. They even have the affiliate Bootcamp training course, the principles of which can be applied to any affiliate offer you may choose to promote in the future.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Payout Minimum Amount

You have to have a minimum of $100 to qualify for an affiliate commission payout.

How To Promote ClickFunnels

Starting a blog and/or a YouTube channel are the best ways to promote ClickFunnels. You can also do paid ads (Facebook ads, Google ads, etc) but I wouldn’t recommend that to beginners as it can be very costly at the beginning. I recommend you check out Spencer Mecham’s free training courses.

How Long Will I keep Receiving ClickFunnels Referral Payments For

You will keep receiving your referral payments for as long as your referral(s) remains a subscriber with ClickFunnels.

Is ClickFunnels A Pyramid Scheme

A couple of years ago there were affiliate marketing “gurus” offering you a ClickFunnels business in a box where you signed up to ClickFunnels through them, you got others to sign up through you and encouraged them to get sign-ups, etc.

This is why Russell Brunson changed the ClickFunnels affiliate program in 2019 to outlaw this practice, he wants only ethical practices used when promoting ClickFunnels, something which you are bound to do as per the ClickFunnels affiliate agreement. While this means it’s more work for affiliates, it shows that Russell cares about his reputation, his customers, and his affiliates.

Is Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Free

Yes, it’s free, you don’t have to be a monthly subscriber to enroll. Although I recommend you do subscribe so you’ll know how the platform works properly and can therefore do a much better job promoting it and earn more money.

What Is A Click Funnel / What Is Click Funnel

This is a common misconception, there is no such thing as a Click Funnel. ClickFunnels is the program/software used for building sales funnels. Maybe because you click on buttons to add things to your shopping cart, this is where some people get confused.

What’s The Best Way To ClickFunnels Affiliate Success

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp, Spencer Mecham’s free training courses, and a lot of hard work and patience.

Where Can I See My ClickFunnels Affiliate Earnings

You can easily keep track of all your ClickFunnels affiliate commission stats on your ClickFunnels affiliate dashboard.

Where Is My ClickFunnels Affiliate Link

You can access your affiliate links via the ClickFunnels affiliate center.

Where Is The ClickFunnels Affiliate Login Page

To access your affiliate dashboard, go to the ClickFunnels affiliate login page at, and enter your login details.

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