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Dot Com Secrets Review – New 2nd Edition Hardback Update

In this DotCom Secrets book review, you’re going to find out all about DotCom Secrets 2nd edition hardback book:

  • What is DotCom Secrets?
  • Who is DotCom Secrets for?
  • What’s Inside DotCom Secrets?
  • DotCom Secrets Pricing
  • DotCom Secrets Bonus Stack
  • How to order DotCom Secrets
  • DotCom Secrets upsells
  • DotCom Secrets Free PDF

What Is DotCom Secrets?

Russel Brunson DotCom Secrets Review

If you’re serious about making your business a success (and who wouldn’t be?) you need a proven evergreen marketing strategy that will deliver big results for you long term. That’s where DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson, co-founder of ClickFunnels comes in.

DotComSecrets, the underground playbook for growing your company online, it was the first book written by Russell Brunson and it forms part of a trilogy of books that go perfectly together, the others being Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets.

Launched in 2015, the first edition of Dot Com Secrets sold over 200,000 copies worldwide.

The new updated hardback 2nd edition is 393 pages long (the paperback first edition was 255 pages) of must-know internet marketing secrets and strategies.

  • It’s not about getting more traffic to your website, although what you’ll discover will dramatically increase your traffic.
  • It’s not about increasing conversions, although what you’re going to discover will increase your conversions.
  • What you are getting is the exact processes, funnels, and scripts that Russell Brunson and his team have perfected and used to scale companies online.

All broken down into simple and easy to follow sections that any business can implement to increase traffic, sales, and conversions.

How Does DotCom Secrets Differ From The Other Secrets Books?

russell Brunson Books Bundle

All 3 Secrets books complement each other perfectly. Rather than waste your time with a series of articles on DotCom Secrets vs Expert Secrets etc, I have done an in-depth review of each book, based on my own experience of reading them, to help you decide which book is right for you….you may even decide you want all 3 books! If so check out my Secrets Trilogy review here: The Secrets Trilogy Box Set by Russell Brunson

Who Is DotCom Secrets For?

Dot Com Secrets is ideal for anybody who:

  • Wants to learn from a marketing expert
  • Is looking to use sales funnels in their business but doesn’t know where to start
  • Already has a reasonable understanding of sales funnels but wants to reaffirm that knowledge
  • Has used sales funnels in the past but not had the success they were expecting
  • Is into email marketing and wants to know how to improve sales
  • Wants to get into affiliate marketing and promote other peoples products and/or services for a commission

Whether you have an online business or an offline business, you can benefit from reading the DotCom Secrets book.

Who Is DotCom Secrets Not For?

DotCom Secrets is not for:

  • Anyone looking for a get rich quick scheme
  • Anyone not prepared to work hard to achieve what you want in life
  • People who are looking to jump on the next fad rather than seeing something through to fruition
  • Not prepared to make a small investment in their future by covering the shipping costs
  • Anyone who is more inclined to use a book as a coffee cup coaster rather than read it

Dot Com Secrets Review What’s Inside?

Inside DotCom Secrets you’ll learn the exact strategies that Russell Brunson and his team have perfected over years and years of experimenting.

You’ll soon realize he’s got you hooked by telling personal stories from when he was a struggling entrepreneur selling potato gun DVD’s while still at college, the obstacles he faced, and how he overcame them on his way to becoming one of the biggest names in the world of digital marketing.

Dot Com Secrets is broken down into the following four sections:

  1. Sales Funnel Secrets
  2. Funnels In The Value Ladder
  3. Funnel Scripts
  4. Building Your Funnel

Each section is broken down into smaller subsections which makes the information much easier to absorb.

Section 1: Sales Funnel Secrets

Secret 1: The Secrets Formula

The four questions to attract your dream customers.

Secret 2: Hook Story Offer

The key to creating so much interest so that your customers practically ask to buy from you regardless of the price.

Secret 3: The Value Ladder

DotCom Secrets Value Ladder

The secret of taking a customer from a low ticket product/service to a high ticket product/service that will change their lives and have them thank you for it.

Secret 4: The Attractive Character

The Attractive Character

The ‘Five Identities’ to get your dream customers to come to you without you having to go chasing after them.

Secret 5: Funnel Hacking

Why being a pioneer isn’t a good way to start a business, instead focus on what’s working now….you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Secret 6: Seven Phases Of A Funnel

The ‘Seven Phases’ that you must include in every funnel in order to keep your customers moving along and buying more from you.

Secret 7: Follow Up Funnels

The key to reaching your audience whenever you want and making up to 80% of your sales.

Section 2: Funnels In The Value Ladder

Secret 8: Lead Squeeze Funnels

How to draw in the perfect leads and have them want to give you their email address.

Secret 9: Survey Funnels

The easiest way to separate your contacts into different lists based on the information they give you, so you can then send them tailored messages.

Secret 10: Summit Funnels

How to leverage somebody else’s list in order to grow your own list quickly.

Secret 11: Book Funnels

The technique of being able to afford to outspend all of your competition in order to gain new leads, and run ad campaigns without a budget cap.

Secret 12: Chart Funnels

The simple 3-page funnel takes someone from being a funnel visitor and turns them into a repeat customer.

Secret 13: Challenge Funnels

Get a ton of new customers while getting rid of the customers who aren’t a good fit for you.

Secret 14: Video Sales Letter Funnels

A modern-day variation of an old-school direct mailing scheme that will hold your audience captive and make them buy from you.

Secret 15: Webinar Funnels

How to gather your audience in one place and motivate them to buy from you with just a single presentation.

Secret 16: Product Launch Funnels

The 6 page ‘Free Workshop’ lets you tell your audience about an offer that you haven’t launched yet and have them counting down the days until they can buy it from you.

Secret 17: Application Funnels

The 3-page funnel for prequalifying customers to buy high ticket offers from you – It’s just as easy to sell a $3,000 product as a $47 product!

Section 3: Funnel Scripts

Secret 18: “Curiosity Based Headline” Scripts

Create headlines that jump out and grab your customer’s attention and make them want to click your link to learn more.

Secret 19: “Who, What, How, Why” Script

The simple 4 question script for getting your customers to visit your funnel, give you their details and buy your low-ticket products.

Secret 20: “Star, Story, Solution” Script

The key to getting your customers to have that “Aha!” moment that sells themselves on your products/services without you having to do any sales pitches.

Secret 21: OTO Script

The 3-5 minute script to get a customer who bought a low ticket item from you to buy a high ticket item.

Secret 22: Perfect Webinar Script

Russell Brunson’s ‘Perfect Webinar’ script. The same script he always uses in his webinars. If you’re not aware, Russell did over $3,000,000 in sales in a one-hour live webinar!

Secret 23: Product Launch Script

The 4-part video script for an offer you have coming up, which will have your customers itching to buy it as soon as it launches.

Secret 24: Four-Question Close Script

The 4 question script for taking a customer from “I’m interested” to “Let’s do it!” in just a single phone call.

Secret 25: Setter and Close Scripts

Pre-qualifying your customers to ensure you’ll enjoy working with them.

Section 4: Building Your Funnel

Secret 26: ClickFunnels

The step by step framework for building your funnels without being a tech guru, or spending a ton of money hiring one.

Secret 27: Funnel Stacking

How to stack your funnels to maximize how much money you get from each customer.

Secret 28: Funnel Audibles

The simple test to determine if your funnel is working or broken, and how to fix it.

DotCom Secrets Pricing

Depending on where you order from will depend on how much you pay for DotCom Secrets.


If you order direct from ClickFunnels DotCom Secrets is available as a free plus shipping offer, meaning the book itself is free of charge, you just pay for shipping.

Shipping costs are:

  • $9.95 – USA
  • $19.95 – Rest of the world

Depending on where you are in the world will naturally have an impact on delivery times. USA delivery is approx 3-4 days and the rest of the world delivery is approx 7-10 days.

Dotcom Secrets Amazon

DotCom Secrets Amazon Pricing

If you order from Amazon DotCom Secrets the price is (at the time of writing this article) $20.75 for the first edition paperback or $16.56 for the 2nd edition hardback. Click here for the latest Amazon DotCom Secrets pricing.

You can also get the DotCom Secrets Audible from Amazon, however, you have to take out a subscription to Amazon’s Audible service for this.

If you are thinking of ordering your copy from Amazon, please bear in mind:

  1. It is more expensive than ordering direct from ClickFunnels
  2. Amazon Dot Com Secrets does not include any of the DotCom Secrets bonus stack below
  3. You can’t order any of the upsell items that ClickFunnels offer
  4. DotCom Secrets Audible is included as a free bonus from ClickFunnels

DotCom Secrets Bonus Stack

When you order your copy of DotCom Secrets, as is typical of any Russell Brunson ClickFunnels offer, you will also receive the following free bonuses:

The 3 Core Funnels eBook

The 3 Core Funnels eBook

After 21 years in the online marketing world, Russell has come to realize that consistently there are just 3 types of funnels that are responsible for the wealth and success of most online businesses. He will share those 3 funnels with you in this eBook.

108 Split Tests eBook

108 Proven Split Tests eBook

Running a split test can make a huge difference with your audience, and it can only be a small change that test, ie; different pictures in your adverts, different wording, etc.

This eBook contains 108 split tests that you can use in your business that are proven to deliver big results.

Network Marketing Secrets eBook

ClickFunnels Network Marketing Secrets

If you’re into network marketing and want to know how to use a funnel to build your team, this eBook will show you how to use funnels to have people practically ask you to sign them up!

Funnel Audibles

If you’ve built a funnel and not had the success you were expecting with it, what do you do? Funnel Audibles is what you do.

Funnel Audibles is what Russell Brunson describes as a simple process for taking any funnel that’s broken and turning it from a zero to a hero.

30 Day DotCom Secrets Challenge


30 Day DotCom Secrets Challenge

Once you’ve read DotCom Secrets the first thing you’ll be asking yourself is “Right, where do I start?”

The 30-day DotCom Secrets challenge is a day by day action plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Everything You Get When You Order DotCom Secrets

DotCom Secrets Refund Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your copy of DotCom Secrets, simply email ClickFunnels customer services or call the phone number on your receipt and they will refund your shipping costs in full. They will even let you keep the book!

DotCom Secrets Affiliate Program

Another great bonus with DotCom Secrets is that you can promote it to other people and earn up to a 40% commission for anything that they then buy from ClickFunnels.

How To Order DotCom Secrets

To order your copy of Russell Brunson DotCom Secrets, click the banner below to be taken to the order page:

DotCom Secrets Order Book Order Link

Once you’re on the order page, click the Yes! Reserve My FREE Copy Now! button:

dotcom secrets order page button

What Are The Upsells In The DotCom Secrets Book Funnel?

The ClickFunnels DotCom Secrets funnel has the following upsells available:

DotCom Secrets Audiobook + 5 More Exclusive Products

To add the narrated by Russell Brunson Dot Com Secrets Audiobook, plus 5 more exclusive products for just $37, simply click the +ADD button and these will automatically be added to your order:

dotcom secrets audiobook upsell

DotCom Secrets Live

To add DotCom Secrets Live, again just click the +ADD button and this will be automatically added to your order:

dotcom secrets live upsell

Funnel University

ClickFunnels Funnel University

Funnel University is an ongoing monthly training form ClickFunnels to keep you increasing your own success with sales funnels.

Funnel Accelerator Pack

The Funnel Accelerator Pack consists of:

One Funnel Away Challenge


The secrets trilogy books box set

The One Funnel Away Challenge, Funnelology the new free video training series which reveals how to grow your business using sales funnels, and of course, The Secrets Trilogy books box set.


Toonly Deal

An exclusive lifetime access deal for Toonly, a cartoon explainer video-making tool.

DotCom Secrets Free PDF

There is a DotCom Secrets PDF download available, free of charge.

This DotCom Secrets eBook is NOT the full book, it’s just supplementary material for the audiobook. You can download the Dot Com Secrets PDF from the DotCom Secrets resources page here: Russell Brunson DotComSecrets PDF

DotCom Secrets Review Summary

Having paid the shipping fee myself and read through this book cover to cover, I can honestly say it’s a no-brainer. The value this book offers is exceptional, it is not some passing fad get rich quick scheme, it is tried and tested evergreen marketing 101.

I really like Russell’s writing style because you actually feel he’s written his books with you personally in mind, they are so engaging and everything is explained so clearly. Don’t worry if you’re not a tech guru, you don’t have to be.

I’m confident you’ll be so impressed with this Russell Brunson book that if you don’t take The Secrets Trilogy upsell option you’ll wish you had.

Remember, the DotCom book is free, you only pay the shipping charges:

  • $9.95 – USA
  • $19.95 – Rest Of The World

Shipping costs are fully refundable if you’re not happy with the book, so you’ve nothing to lose by ordering it!

Great bonus stack.

Promote the book as an affiliate and earn commissions.

If you’re new to ClickFunnels or want to know how to use sales funnels within your business, you need this book. Grab your copy of the new and improved Dot Com Secrets book now:

dotcom secrets order banner

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