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ClickFunnels Pricing – How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost Per Month & How To Get A ClickFunnels Discount

So let’s get straight to the point of this ClickFunnels pricing article….

Both plans come with a ClickFunnels 14-day free trial.

  • ClickFunnels Basic is $97 per month or $80 per month if you pay annually
  • ClickFunnels Platinum is $297 per month or $247 per month if you pay annually

I’ll be revealing:

  • The difference between the Basic and Platinum Plans
  • How to get a $785 ClickFunnels Discount
  • Funnel Hacking Secrets
  • Funnel Builder Secrets

If you’re considering using ClickFunnels as your marketing tool for your online business but can’t decide whether ClickFunnels Basic plan or Platinum plan (formerly known as ClickFunnels Etison Suite) is the right plan for you (or you may already have ClickFunnels Basic and are unsure about upgrading to the Platinum plan) that’s perfectly understandable, there’s a $200 per month difference between the 2 ClickFunnels pricing plans.

I’ll show you what you get for your extra 2 Ben Franklin’s per month to help you decide which plan is right for you.

ClickFunnels Pricing: What Do You Get For $200 More Per Month?

Two $100 bills

The answer to that question is pretty straight forward; a lot!

I’ll break this section into smaller subsections so you can decide if the additional $200 per month is worthwhile for you. I will give you my opinion in each section, and recommend an alternative service provider where I feel it may be more beneficial to you.

Here’s a comparison of what ClickFunnels features you get on the Basic and Platinum plans:

Number of Funnels

Basic: 20

Platinum: Unlimited

If you’re new to online marketing, 20 funnels should be plenty.

Number of Pages

Basic: 100

Platinum: Unlimited

A sales funnel is made up of pages. Starting with a landing page, a typical funnel having between 2 and 5 pages.

You can have landing pages, sales pages, checkout pages, and so much more.

The 100 pages offered on the Basic plan will be more than enough for you if you’re just starting out.

Number of Visitors

Basic: 20,000 funnel visitors per month

Platinum: Unlimited funnel visitors per month

Again if you’re just starting out, 20,000 monthly visitors should be more than enough.

Number of Contacts

Basic: Unlimited

Platinum: Unlimited

Both plans allow you to have unlimited contacts added to your email lists.

If you’re on the Basic plan you will need a third-party email autoresponder service (such as GetResponse) integrated with your ClickFunnels account. Please bear in mind, although ClickFunnels allows you unlimited contacts, your email autoresponder service will probably have a limit on your contacts e.g. GetResponse Plus Plan allows you to have between 1,000 – 100,000 contacts on your email list(s), depending on how much you pay per month.

Sub Users

Basic: 1 sub-user

Platinum: 3 sub-users

If you want to give more than one person within your business access to your ClickFunnels account (e.g. you may have a dedicated funnel builder and a dedicated data analyst) you can set them as sub-users so they can both be logged into ClickFunnels at the same time.

Custom Web Domain Hosting

Basic: 3 custom domains

Platinum: 9 custom domains

ClickFunnels give you the option to purchase custom domain names through them. While that’s all well and good, there is one thing to consider here. If you use ClickFunnels to purchase your domain and then cancel your account at any time, that domain you have paid for and spent a great deal of time and effort building belongs to them, you can’t take it with you! All of the work you’ve put into building your domain will have to be done again from scratch!

For web hosting, I recommend Bluehost. With plans starting as low as $3.95 per month, a free domain, free SSL certificate, and a one-click WordPress plugin, they’re very beginner-friendly, and their customer support is very good if you’re not tech-savvy.

You can then easily add your domain purchased through Bluehost to ClickFunnels under your account settings. Should you then decide to cancel your ClickFunnel account, you are able to keep possession of your domain.

A/B Split Tests

Basic: Included

Platinum: Included

An A/B split test allows you to use 2 different sets of ad copy (eg different wording and/or pictures) for the same product or service to see which engages your audience more.

You can split-test practically anything; headlines, videos, images, pages, buttons, wording, colors, etc etc.

Email Integrations

Basic: Included

Platinum: Included

Although ClickFunnels has an email autoresponder service available on their Platinum plan, you are still free to use your own third-party email autoresponder service provider if you prefer.

Related article: Best Email Autoresponder For ClickFunnels

Payment Gateway Integrations

Basic: 3 payment gateway integrations (1 per type)

Platinum: 9 payment gateway integrations (3 per type)

1 payment integration will be enough for most businesses.

I recommend Stripe as your primary payment gateway integration, as they take all major credit/debit cards and have Apple Pay and Google Pay automatically included.

A very close second behind Stripe is Paypal, a really good feature with Paypal is that you can add a ‘Pay With PayPal’ button on to your sales funnels.

Whether you choose Stripe or Paypal, I’m sure you’ll be happy as they are both really good options.

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Optin Funnels

Basic: Included

Platinum: Included

This is a basic funnel, often referred to as a lead generation funnel. This allows someone to optin to your email list, usually in exchange for something free or heavily discounted.

Let’s say you have a gym, you could use this to give your customer a free workout session or a free multi-day pass in exchange for their details. You need to offer your customer something for their details these days as people are more reluctant to hand over their information willingly. Once you have their details, this allows you to re-market any products or offers to them in the future.


Basic: Included

Platinum: Included

This is a pop-up optin box that you can have set to appear on your funnel, it can be set up to pop up after a preset amount of time, but it’s usually set for when someone goes to exit your page.


Basic: Included

Platinum: Included

If you build a new funnel for an offer that your existing subscribers may be interested in, instead of having them come to the new funnel and manually enter their information on the optin page, you can send them an email telling them about this latest offer and include a ClickOptin link. If they click on the ClickOptin link their details are automatically added to the mailing list for this offer and they are sent directly to your thank you page, or whichever page you set in your funnel to appear after someone gives you their details.

You can also use a ClickOptin if you are hosting a webinar. Again, instead of having to manually enter their details on your funnel optin page, your customers just click the ClickOptin link in the email, their details are automatically added to your mailing list and they get access to your webinar.

All Advanced Funnels

Basic: Included

Platinum: Included

An advanced funnel may have something like a few quiz questions for people to answer before they get to the page where they submit their email address.

This can be used to avoid people subscribing to your email list who aren’t actually interested in the product or offer you are advertising in your funnel. If they have to spend time answering questions about something they’re not interested in they probably won’t bother, this means you get higher quality customers on your email list.

Sales Funnels

Basic: Included

Platinum: Included

This is a funnel for selling your products and/or services. These funnels typically include a sales page, order form, upsell page, downsell page, order confirmation page, and a thank you page.

Membership Funnels

Basic: Included with unlimited members

Platinum: Included with unlimited members

A membership funnel would be used if you have an online video training course to sell, which can be about any topic at all that you have a skill in. You would host the course videos on ClickFunnels and provide your members with a URL and login details so they can access your course.

You can edit which parts of the course members can access, e.g you could give away free access to 4 of the videos to entice people in and collect their contact information. Once your potential customers have watched the free videos and seen the value you can offer them, they will be much more likely to purchase the entire training course from you.

Webinar Funnels

Basic: Included

Platinum: Included

A webinar is a live event that you stream online, which usually builds up to you offering a service or product for sale at the end. Your leads would sign up to your webinar funnel and you let them know when the webinar will be held and provide a URL for them to go to in order to watch it.

Once you have your webinar down to a T, you can then use an auto webinar funnel so that the entire process runs automatically.

Share Your Funnels

Basic: Included

Platinum: Included

If you wanted to share (or sell) a funnel with someone to save them the effort of building their own, this feature allows you to do so.  All you have to do is send them the URL of the funnel, they click on that link and the funnel automatically installs into their ClickFunnels account.

This also works the opposite way round, so that you can get someone to create you high converting funnel(s) for your business and they can then easily share them with you.

This article will show you how you can make use of the ClickFunnels shared funnels feature: How To Share A Funnel In ClickFunnels

Priority Customer Support

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

On the Platinum plan, priority customer support is offered via live online chat.

If you’re on the Basic plan, customer support is one area where ClickFunnels could improve. While I’ve got a resolution to any issues I’ve had to contact ClickFunnels customer support about, the fact you have to email them and wait for a reply is a little behind the times in my opinion.

ClickFunnels customer support seems to be Monday to Friday office hours and works on Mountain Standard Time or Mountain Daylight Time.

If you don’t want to email customer support and wait for a response, ClickFunnels has one of those annoying virtual customer support bots which doesn’t always understand what you are asking it so you don’t bother to use it.

Many other companies have 24/7 support via telephone and online chat across all plans, not just for those on the higher-priced plans.

Funnel Hacker Forum

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

A ClickFunnels forum where you can connect with, and learn from, other ClickFunnels users. Ask questions, answer questions, and read through threads to help you along the way. This is a good way to get help with ClickFunnels and any issues you may be having. Remember the people on this forum are on the same journey as you!

Virtual Hackathons

Basic: Limited access

Platinum: VIP access

Not only will you be watching an expert building sales funnels, but you’ll also be building your own sales funnel as you do so. The ClickFunnels hackathon training is superb because it makes you take action which in turn makes you learn more!

ClickFunnels Follow-Up Funnels

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

Follow-Up Funnels is ClickFunnels’ own email autoresponder service, formerly known as Actionetics.

While this does a good job and it’s really handy to have everything with one platform, there are cheaper email autoresponder services available for a whole lot less than $200 per month.

I recommend GetResponse for your email marketing needs. They have plans starting from as little as $15 (although I recommend their $49 per month Plus plan) and it comes with a no credit card required, fully functional, 30-day free trial.

Visual Email Builder

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

When you are creating a follow-up email sequence, you need to see what you’re going to be sending out to your subscribers will look like. This feature allows you to see what your emails look like on both desktop and mobile devices, just like you can when building your funnels. I’m sure you don’t want to be sending out crappy looking emails!

Auto Responder Series

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

An autoresponder series is a fully automated sequence of emails that get sent out to your subscribers at pre-set intervals as specified by you.

Let’s say you’ve sold someone a consumable product such as a bottle of shampoo. You wouldn’t email your customer the following day after ordering that shampoo and offer them more would you? You’d wait until they’d had a chance to use it and see how awesome it is! You’d then email them to see if they would like to re-order and offer some more of your amazing products that are too good to resist.

Manage Email Lists

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

Delete inactive users, unsubscribe someone if they’ve requested you to do so, transfer contacts from one list to another. The options of what you can do to manage your list are practically endless.

Send Broadcast Emails

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

A broadcast email is a message what you’d send out as a one-off to everyone (or maybe just a selected few people, up to you) on your email list, for example telling them about a special offer you may be having for a limited period of time, or a new product you are launching etc.

You can also send broadcast messages via SMS direct to your customers’ phones.

Data Tracking

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

Part of growing your business is analyzing your marketing data. With ClickFunnels Platinum you can see how many of your emails have been delivered, opened, how many link clicks you’ve had from your customers, which customers purchased what products, and so much more.

Send Emails Based On Location

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

This is a great feature of Follow-Up Funnels. You can send emails to people based purely on their location, ideal if you are a locally based company.

Flexible & Advanced Segmentation

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

Email segmentation is a great way of getting the right products and messages in front of the right people. Without wanting to sound like a stuck record, the sky is the limit when it comes to the various ways you can segment your emails.

A quick example of email segmentation, let’s say you own a store selling musical instruments. You could have your customers divided up based on what type of instrument they play; guitar players, piano players, drummers, etc. If you were to have a promotion on guitar strings, you could email that offer just to the guitar players. You wouldn’t offer guitar strings to a piano player, would you?

Related article: 10 Best Ways To Segment Your Emails For E-Commerce.


Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

ClickFunnels Backpack allows you to create your own affiliate program. This means you can have other people promote your products for you, in exchange for a commission for each sale they generate.

Using affiliates is a great way of getting your products out there in front of an audience without spending money upfront on advertising that you may not get any revenue back from, you only pay your affiliates after they have generated a sale for you…win win all round!

One-Click Setup

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

Add Backpack to your funnel with just one click. As with everything else in ClickFunnels; no coding, no expensive tech guru, just nice and simple one-click setup.

Unlimited Affiliates

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

This is a really great feature, having an unlimited amount of people doing advertising for you, and only paying them after they generate you sales!

Unlimited Commission Plans

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

ClickFunnels Backpack gives you total freedom to decide how much commission you pay your affiliates. ClickFunnels also gives you the freedom to add as many different commission plans as you like. Perfect for if you have multiple products, limited-time special offers, affiliate contests, etc.

One Time Payments

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

Maybe you’d rather pay your affiliates a one-time bounty commission instead of a percentage of the sale total. You can do that in ClickFunnels Backpack too.

Manage Affiliates

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

From one screen you can see who your top affiliates are, what product each affiliate is promoting, how many sales they’ve generated, and more.

Manage Commissions Owed & Paid

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

Again, from the same screen as above, you can see how many commissions you owe your affiliates and which commissions have been paid to them.

Complete Custom Branding For Your Affiliate Area & Sign Up

Basic: Not included

Platinum: Included

You can even include your own custom branding within your affiliate area so your affiliates will only see your logo and not ClickFunnels. A small detail but one worth doing to give a more professional appearance to your affiliates.


FunnelFlix is a wealth of training videos and courses that ClickFunnels provides. Russell Brunson describes it as “Netflix for funnel hackers”

The best part about Russell Brunson’s training courses is they are designed to get you to take action and get results for you. At the end of the day, Russell wants you to remain subscribed to ClickFunnels. The more money you make, the more money he makes.

Depending on which plan you’re on depends on how much content you get access to.

FunnelFlix Basic

  • 30-Days Summit – 30 ClickFunnels “Two Comma Club” members (entrepreneurs who have made at least $1,000,000 from a single sales funnel) tell you exactly what they would do to go from zero to a profitable business in just 30 days using ClickFunnels.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp – 15 ClickFunnels Super Affiliates (mostly the same people featured in the 30-Day Summit) tell you how they would go from zero to making a full-time recurring income in just 100 days by promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate.
  • Brick & Mortar Summit – A course aimed at people who own a brick and mortar business (ie an actual high street store) to tell them how ClickFunnels can be utilized in their business.
  • 10X: A ClickFunnels Story – In 2018, Russell Brunson set a world record for selling $3.2 million in products in just 90 minutes! (who wouldn’t like that as their hourly rate!?) in front of a live audience. In 2019, he tried to set a new record of $9 million in sales in front of a live audience of 35,000 people. This is that story.
  • Funnel Hacker TV – A series of videos from masterminds like Tony Robbins, which shows you just what you could achieve with the right mindset and some of the things ClickFunnels does to give back to local communities.
  • Funnel Hacking Live – A behind the scenes documentary of how ClickFunnels go about this annual event that they organize.
  • The Two Comma Club – Want to know what it takes to join the ClickFunnels Two Comma Club? You need to watch this documentary.
  • Funnel Builder Secrets – A 15 module, 95 video training course that shows you everything you need to know about building a successful sales funnel.
  • Ad Skills – A 12 module, 436 video training course to teach you how to have success with paid traffic.
  • Product Secrets – 21 ways to get your products or service to market quickly (in a single weekend) and then lather, rinse and repeat for any additional products/services you launch in the future.
  • Money Mindset – A 4 module, 48 video training course to help you focus your mind on your goals so you can achieve the success you’re looking for.
  • Tony Robbins Private Collection – A 7 module, 43 video training course from Tony Robbins, the world’s N0.1 life and business strategist. There’s a good reason Tony has the success he’s had, and in this course, he’ll teach you how you too can have his success.

FunnelFlix Platinum

On the Platinum plan, you get access to all of the above, plus the following:

  • List Building Secrets 21-Day Challenge – A 21-day training course where you are taught how to build up an email list of your customers. Everything from building your lead magnet, to building your sales funnel, to driving traffic to it, it’s all covered here.
  • One Funnel Away Challenge – A 30-day training course teaching you how ClickFunnels works and it’s designed to take you from zero to a profitable business in just 30 days. Absolutely one of the best training courses I have taken myself.
  • Funnel University – Funnel University is a 4 video training course taking you through the core essentials of building any funnel; 1: Why Use a Funnel 2: The Value Ladder 3: Creating an Offer 4: Copywriting.
  • Dan Kenedy’s How To Create Personality In Copy/Influential Writing – A presentation from Dan Kenedy in which he reveals his secret methods of turning customers into lifelong customers by adding a bit of personality to your copy.
  • Dan Kenedy’s Business Strategy Collection – Dan Kenedy’s must-have strategies for starting, buying, or growing any business.
  • Frank Kern Book Funnel Blueprint – A presentation by Frank Kern on growing your business by taking the knowledge you already have and putting it into a book without actually having to sit down and write it or hire someone to do it for you, this book will provide your customers with so much value that they will want more of what you’re offering.
  • Frank Kern’s Black Box – Frank Kern’s video formula teaches you how to “sell the hell out of” your products, services, and/or content.
  • Frank Kern Ultimate Webinar Blueprint – A 5 module, 33 video training course from Frank Kern on how to get maximum sales from your webinar presentations.
  • Frank Kern’s Mass Control & Mass Conversions – Frank Kern’s training course for attracting and maximizing traffic to your website, sales funnel, etc.
  • Frank Kern’s Upscale Continuity – A training course for getting new customers, retaining customers, and keep creating new offers to keep that continuity going.
  • Frank Kern’s Info Business Blueprint – A 5 module, 3 video training course on creating your own one-off product, creating an irresistible offer, and segmenting your leads into low, medium, and high levels.
  • Frank Kern Unplugged – A presentation from Frank Kern to motivate you by showing that success and the life you dream of is achievable.
  • Yara Golden’s Subscriber Reviver Challenge – A 15-day training course to get inactive subscribers on your email lists to start buying from you again.
  • Funnel Hack A-Thon – A 3-day live recording from Russell Brunson on getting your message out there and creating a mass following, designed to make you take action and do what Russell is telling you to. No action = no results right?
  • 10X Secrets – Learn how to create an irresistible offer, close sales like a pro, and make record sales from a live presentation. Includes 16 of Russell Brunson’s best webinar blueprints.
  • High Ticket Secrets – A training course for those who sell high ticket services. Learn how to get your customers to be happy to pay you anywhere from $1,500 up to $100,000 for your offers.
  • Traffic Secrets – A traffic generation training course dubbed “The mother of all traffic training” At the end of the day, you could have the greatest product in the world and the greatest offer in the world, but if you’ve got no traffic you’ve got no money.
  • Outsource Force – Learn how to hire virtual assistants to take care of some of the tasks you really could benefit from having someone else do for you.
  • The Warriors Way Doctrine – Directors Cut – A mindset training course from Garret J White. Learn how to believe in yourself and make your dreams become a reality.
  • Jay Abraham: The Anthology – A master of marketing who can solve any problem you may have. Learn how to find the hidden assets and profits in your business.

Previously ClickFunnels subscribers were paying up to $25,000 for just some of that training. But, it’s all now included with your subscription fees! FunnelFlix is also being constantly updated with more and more valuable content.

Russell Brunson really does believe in serving his customers at the highest possible level and over-delivering. As you can see, that is an awful lot of training and mentoring.

ClickFunnels Basic or Platinum Features

Below is the side by side tick box comparison of the features for ClickFunnels Basic and Platinum plans:

ClickFunnels Basic Or Platinum

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost Per Month

When it comes to ClickFunnels pricing plans, both Basic and Platinum plans start with a free 14-day trial.

You are free to cancel the trial at any time before it ends, and you will not be charged a cent.

How Much Is ClickFunnels After The Free Trial?

After the ClickFunnels free trial ends, the monthly subscription cost is:

ClickFunnels Monthly Billing Prices

Or you have the option of paying for your ClickFunnels pricing plan annually, saving you up to $50 per month:

ClickFunnels Annual Billing Prices

How To Get A ClickFunnels Discount

You can get a ClickFunnels discount in 3 ways. The latest ClickFunnels offers are:

ClickFunnels Discount 1: ClickFunnels Annual Plan

ClickFunnels Annual Plan

If you wish to pay annually for a Clickfunnels discount you can do so.

The cost of paying annually is straight forward:

  • Basic Plan: $970
  • Platinum Plan: £2,970

Paying annually gives you 10 months of subscription for the price of 12, which is a saving of approx 17% on the Platinum plan.

ClickFunnels used to only give this discount to the users who subscribed to the Platinum plan but recently opened it up to Basic plan subscribers too.

ClickFunnels Discount 2: Funnel Hacking Secrets / Funnel Builder Secrets

Funnel Hacking Secrets Bundle

Before I tell you how much this is going to cost you, you need to bear in mind that this is a 6-month subscription to the ClickFunnels Platinum Plan plus a ton of other ClickFunnels products are included.

The Platinum Plan is usually $297 per month, so 6 months x $297 = $1,782.

The Funnel Hacker Secrets bundle will cost you $997.

That’s a saving of $785, plus there are all the other products included.

The get the Funnel Hacking Secrets bundle you need to join the free Funnel Hacking Secrets Webinar:

Funnel Hacking Secrets Webinar

By joining this free webinar you will learn what type of funnel will work best for your type of business, and what hundreds (if not thousands) of entrepreneurs just like you are doing to increase boost their online sales by using sales funnels.

In the Funnel Hacking Secrets Weblass, you will learn the three main reasons why funnel hacking works so well:

Three Main Lessons In The Funnel Hacking Secrets Webinar

  • Secret 1: How to ethically steal over $1,000,000 worth of funnel hacks from your competitor for less than $100
  • Secret 2: How to clone their proven funnel inside of ClickFunnels in less than 10 minutes
  • Secret 3: How to get the exact same customers who are going to your competitor’s websites to come to your funnel instead

Funnel Hacking Secrets Bundle will cost you $997 which is an amazing deal when you consider what you get:

  • 6 months ClickFunnels Platinum subscription – A saving of $785 off the cost of subscribing monthly
  • Free Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass (includes over 100 funnel templates)
  • Free Traffic Secrets training course
  • Free unlimited access to virtual hack-a-thons
  • Free ClickFunnels Unlimited bonus

Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass Offer

All that is fully backed by a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee.

Funnel Hacking Secrets Order Button

ClickFunnels Discount 3: Pause ClickFunnels Account

Can you pause ClickFunnels? Yes, you can pause your ClickFunnels account. This is straightforward to do and will only cost you $9.99 per month.

All of your funnels, contact lists, integrations, etc will be preserved for when you reactivate your subscription again.

If you do pause your ClickFunnels you need to be aware that:

  • You will not be able to access any of your funnels
  • You will not be able to build any new funnels
  • You will not be able to earn any affiliate commissions

If you want to know how to pause your ClickFunnels account please see this article for full step-by-step instructions: How To Cancel Your ClickFunnels Account: A Helpful Illustrated Guide.

ClickFunnels Discount 4: ClickFunnels $19 plan – Discontinued

The ClickFunnels $19 plan allowed you to have a maximum of 3 shared funnels in your account, which was ideal if you were just starting out in online marketing or looking at using ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, the ClickFunnels $19 per month Share Funnel Plan was discontinued some time ago.

ClickFunnels Basic or Platinum Summary

You get a huge amount of value for $297 per month and the convenience of having ‘everything all in one place’ is a real bonus.
The FunnelFlix courses and training videos included are outstanding value, when you think of the eyewatering prices some “gurus” charge for just 1 course, having all this included at your fingertips is amazing and new material is being added all the time.

However, let’s say you only need the following:

  1. Up to 20 funnels
  2. Email autoresponder service
  3. Web hosting

You can have all of this for $149.95 per month (at time of writing) using:

That’s a monthly saving of $147.05 compared to Click Funnels Platinum.

If you are new to internet marketing, the above services are the core essentials that you will need and are more than adequate to get you going. You can always upgrade to the Platinum plan later down the track when you’re making enough money to justify the extra cost.

ClickFunnels Basic or Platinum? I’ll leave that decision to you, but I hope I’ve told you enough about ClickFunnels and helped steer you to the right decision for your business.

If you’d like a recommendation for a ClickFunnels alternative, you can read my ClickFunnels vs GetResponse article here: ClickFunnels vs GetResponse The Showdown

You can also read my ClickFunnels review here: What Is ClickFunnels?

Thank you for taking the time to read my ClickFunnels pricing article, I hope you’ve found it helpful.

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