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8 Easy Steps On How To Integrate Stripe With ClickFunnels

In this article, I’m going to show you how to integrate Stripe with ClickFunnels step by step with illustrations.

Connecting ClickFunnels to Stripe is a very simple process that can be done quickly and easily.

Once you have done so you will be able to accept Stripe payment in ClickFunnels sales funnels.

Why Use Stripe As My ClickFunnels Payment Gateway?

Stripe Logo

Stripe can be integrated easily with many platforms and allows you to accept online payments and create recurring billing subscription plans for your products and services.

Once integrated with your ClickFunnels account, you have the option of adding PayPal Buy Now buttons to your funnels sales pages via 3rd part integration. I have a link to my instructions on how to set this up further down this article.

Like PayPal, Stripe does not charge setup fees or monthly/yearly subscription fees. You only pay a merchant’s fee of 2.9% + 30c per transaction.

What Do You Need?

To complete this integration you only need to have a ClickFunnels account setup.

ClickFunnels 14 day Free Trial Order Button

You can sign up for your Stripe account whilst completing the Stripe integration with ClickFunnels if you don’t already have one.

If of course, you’d rather set up your Stripe account directly with them, click here to go to Stripe’s website.

Before proceeding with the instructions, please ensure that you are NOT logged in to your Stripe account.

How To Integrate Stripe With ClickFunnels

Step 1

Log in to your ClickFunnels account and click on Account Settings:

ClickFunnels Dashboard Account Settings

Step 2

Click Payment Gateways:

Clickfunnels Dashboard Payment Gateways

Step 3

Click Add New Payment Gateway:

ClickFunnels Dashboard Add New Payment Gateway Button

Step 4

Click Stripe:

ClickFunnels Dashboard Payment Gateways

Step 5

Click Create Stripe Account:

ClickFunnels Dashboard Add new Stripe Account

Please note, for this example, I am using my ClickFunnels Basic account, hence only being allowed to create one Stripe Account. If you are on the Platinum Plan you will be allowed to create three Stripe accounts.

Step 6

Name your Stripe account. I suggest something related to whatever products or services you are selling. Something to bear in mind is if you upgrade to the ClickFunnels Platinum plan at any point you will be able to use three Stripe accounts within ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Dashboard Add New Stripe Account

Decide whether this will be your default Stripe account or not:

ClickFunnels Dashboard Add New Stripe Account

Then click Create Stripe Account:

ClickFunnels Dashboard Add New Stripe Account

Step 7

Click Next: Connect With Stripe. You will now be redirected to Stripe’s website.

ClickFunnels Dashboard Add New Stripe Account

Step 8

You will now be redirected to the Stripe login page.

If you already have a Stripe account setup, click Sign In. Once you have signed in, your Stripe account will be connected with ClickFunnels and you don’t need to do anything else.

Stripe login page

If you don’t already have a Stripe account, fill in your details then click Authorize access to this account:

Stripe account access authorisation button

Please note that after signing up, you may only be able to use your Stripe account for test transactions for a short time. This is normal as Stripe will need to verify the bank account you entered in your application form.


Now you have completed the ClickFunnels Stripe integration you can:

  • Create a one-off product using Stripe
  • Create a subscription product payment plan in Stripe
  • Add Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Test your order form using Stripe
  • Offer a free product using Stripe

I recommend you also offer your customer the opportunity of paying you with PayPal, which is something you can do with Stripe via ClickFunnels 3rd Part Integrations. Please see this article for step by step instructions: How To Integrate PayPal With ClickFunnels

The more payment options you can offer the better as it gives your customer more flexibility on how to pay you.

If you’re a ClickFunnels Basic subscriber, you are only allowed 1 payment gateway integration, if you’d like more payment integrations you’ll need to upgrade to their platinum plan. For the latest ClickFunnels pricing see my article: ClickFunnels Pricing to see which plan is right for you.

Should you ever decide to change your ClickFunnels payment gateway service, you’ll need to disconnect Stripe from your ClickFunnels account. I have full instructions for that here: How To Disconnect Stripe From ClickFunnels

If you’d like to add other ClickFunnels payment gateways to your account, I have an article showing you which are the Best Payment Gateway For ClickFunnels.

What’s Next?

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Thank you for taking the time to read my how to integrate Stripe with ClickFunnels article, I hope you found it helpful.

Disclaimer: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. All views expressed on this blog are my own based on my own experience of using the ClickFunnels software. I use affiliate links on my blog and may earn a commission from any links you click on and make a purchase.

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