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4 Easy Steps – How To Disconnect Stripe From ClickFunnels

In this article, I’m going to show you how to disconnect Stripe from ClickFunnels.

Before disconnecting Stripe you need to ensure you have another payment gateway integrated or you will not be able to accept payment within your sales funnels and landing pages.

My No.1 alternative to Stripe is PayPal. Please see the following article for step by step instructions on how to integrate PayPal with ClickFunnels: How To Integrate PayPal With ClickFunnels

How To Disconnect Stripe From ClickFunnels

Step 1

Log in to your ClickFunnels account and click on Account Settings:

clickFunnels Dashboard Account Settings

Step 2

Click on Payment Gateways:

ClickFunnels Dashboard Payment Gateways

Step 3

You will now see your list of payment gateways:

List of payment gateways in ClickFunnels account

Look across the screen from your Stripe integration, you will see a trash can icon, click on it:

ClickFunnels payment gateway trash icon

Step 4

Click Yes:

ClickFunnels asking to confirm deleting payment gateway


You will now see that you have removed your Stripe integration from ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels list of payment gateways

That’s it, all done. Short and sweet but that’s all there is to disconnecting Stripe from your ClickFunnels account.

Should you change your mind at any point and wish to reintegrate Stripe, this is easily done. Please see this full step by step guide: How To Integrate Stripe With ClickFunnels

If you found this how to disconnect Stripe from ClickFunnels post helpful, check out the How To Guides section for more of the same!

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