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Expert Secrets Book Review – New & Improved 2nd Edition Hardback

In this Expert Secrets book review, I’ll be revealing everything you need to know about the new and updated Expert Secrets 2nd edition hardback, free book by Russell Brunson:

  • What is Expert Secrets?
  • Who is Expert Secrets for?
  • What’s Inside Expert Secrets?
  • Expert Secrets Price
  • Expert Secrets Bonus Stack
  • How to order Expert Secrets
  • Expert Secrets upsells
  • Expert Secrets Free PDF

Without further ado, let’s get into my Expert Secrets book review.

What Is Expert Secrets?

Would you like to become an expert in your field and have other people pay you for your advice? Just think how awesome that would be!

Well, that’s exactly what ClickFunnels co-founder Russell Brunson will be teaching you to do in his free book, Expert Secrets. Once you have this ability you will then be able to help other people within your field achieve their dreams and have them pay you for doing so.

Expert Secrets is the underground playbook for creating a mass movement of people who will pay you for your advice, it was the second book written by DotCom Secrets author Russell Brunson, and it forms part of a trilogy of books that go perfectly together, the others being DotCom Secrets and Traffic Secrets.

As the follow up to DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets was launched in 2017 and went on to sell over 225,00 copies worldwide.

  • Experts Secrets will help you find your voice and give you the confidence to become a leader
  • Expert Secrets will show you how to build a mass movement of people whose lives you can affect
  • Expert Secrets will teach you how to make this calling a career, where people will pay you for your advice

How Does Expert Secrets Differ From The Other Secrets Books?

russell Brunson Books Bundle

All 3 Secrets books complement each other perfectly. Rather than waste your time with a series of articles on Expert Secrets vs DotCom Secrets etc, I have done an in-depth review of each book, based on my own experience of reading them, to help you decide which book is right for you….you may even decide you want all 3 books! If so check out my in-depth Secrets Trilogy review and see what bonuses you will receive: The Secrets Trilogy Box Set by Russell Brunson

  • DotCom Secrets will teach you how you can use sales funnels to grow your business. You can read my DotCom Secrets book review here: Dot Com Secrets Review
  • Expert Secrets will teach you how to turn website/sales funnel visitors into lifelong customers
  • Traffic Secrets will teach you how to flood your website/sales funnel with your dream customers. You can read my Traffic Secrets book here: Traffic Secrets Book Review

Who Is Expert Secrets For?

Expert Secrets is for anybody who:

  • Wants to learn from an expert on how to become an expert themselves
  • Wants to grow their online business
  • Wants to learn how to do digital and/or email marketing
  • Wants to be able to create sales scripts to build a high converting webinar for their high ticket items
  • Looking to join affiliate networks and/or affiliate programs and earn money online through affiliate marketing
  • Is an affiliate marketer and wants to teach other people how to do this in order to make even more money themselves
  • Has specialist knowledge in a particular field and wants to help others by sharing this knowledge

Practically any type of business can benefit from reading Expert Secrets.

Who Is Expert Secrets Not For?

Expert Secrets is not for:

  • Anyone looking for a get rich quick scheme
  • Anyone not prepared to work hard to achieve what you want in life
  • Anyone who is looking to jump on the next fad rather than seeing something through to fruition
  • Anyone not prepared to make a small investment in themselves and their future by covering the shipping costs
  • Anyone who would rather sit on their butt and wait for the next life-changing opportunity to find them

Expert Secrets Book Review: What’s Inside?

Inside Expert Secrets, Russell will teach you the exact strategies he and his team have perfected over many years of experimenting and spending a ton of dollars doing so!

Expert Secrets is broken down into the following four sections:

  1. Creating Your Mass Movement
  2. Creating Belief
  3. One to Many Selling
  4. Becoming Your Dream Customers Guide

Each section is broken down into smaller subsections to make the information easier to absorb.

Section One: Creating A Mass Movement

Creating a mass movement illustration

Secret 1: Finding Your Voice

The first thing you’ll learn is how to find your voice, move away from just selling a product or service, and learn how to create offers. You’ll then use these offers to change the lives of your customers.

Secret 2: Teaching Your Frameworks

This section covers off creating a framework for teaching your skills and knowledge to your customers in a way that they engage with you and learn quickly, taking them directly to the target they are hoping to achieve.

Secret 3: The Three Core Markets Or Desires

How to set yourself as the king of your niche and have your competition picking over the scraps you leave behind.

Secret 4: The New Opportunity

This is one of the key sections of this book. You need to offer a new way of doing things to get people on board with you. If you can understand this one thing you can really make an impact with your customers.

Secret 5: More Money For The Framework

This will teach you how to repackage what you’ve been providing/selling in a way that will offer your customers more value and have them pay you extra for it.

Secret 6: The Future Based Cause

How to give your customers a new hope of something that’s bigger and better than what they’ve currently got, and do so in a way to build excitement about what’s to come.

Section Two: Creating Belief

Secret 7: The Epiphany Bridge

The Epiphany Bridge Illustration

We all have a passion in life. Remember that eureka moment you had when you realized that this product/service you’re offering is something you love to do? That’s what an epiphany is and that’s what you need your prospects to have. This section is about not selling your offer to your prospects with technobabble, but telling a story they can relate to which will make them have that same eureka moment as you did. They will then sell it to themselves.

Secret 8: The Hero’s 2 Journeys

The Heroes Two Journeys Illustration

Building on Secret 7, this section is about getting the basic outline of your character’s story so your prospects can relate to the way you were feeling before you had the eureka moment, the issues you encountered on your journey, and the outcome at the end of it.

Secret 9: The Epiphany Bridge Script

Epiphnay Bridge Script Illustration

Moving on from secret 8, this section covers building your character’s story from your backstory all the way through to your achievement.

Secret 10: The Four Core Stories

The 4 stories you can use together in order to rewrite the stories in your dream customer’s heads that aren’t serving them or telling them they can’t achieve what they’re wanting.

Section Three: One To Many Selling

Now you’ve got the knowledge on creating your mass movement and making your followers believe in you and themselves, it’s time to show them what you can offer them!

This section is all about sales. Russell Brunson has spent over 10 years of effort and countless dollars mastering these techniques. He’s going to share it all with you in the next five secrets.

Secret 11: The Perfect Webinar Framework

The detailed step-by-step framework that builds massive value for your customers and pre-sells them on your offer so you don’t have to do any actual selling, and makes them want to buy from you RIGHT NOW! Russell Brunson uses this every single time he goes on stage, or a webinar, to deliver a presentation where he makes an offer. In 2018, Russell Brunson set a world record for selling $3.2 million in products in just 90 minutes in a live webinar. This guy knows how to make a webinar. Check out 10X A ClickFunnels Story in FunnelFlix.

Secret 12: The Big Domino

Your customer may have many reasons for not believing what you are offering is for them, but in this situation, there is always that one big thing that affects everything else. If you can destroy this one huge false belief, the rest of their false beliefs will come crashing down like a row of dominos.

Secret 13: The Three Secrets

Following on from Secret 12, this section reveals the perfect 3 part story framework to destroy your customers’ false beliefs before they even get a chance to think of them, and rebuild their belief patterns so that they are inspired to take action and change their lives!

Secret 14: The Stack And Close

The perfect script to use, in detail slide by slide, to transition you from the content part of your presentation to making an offer to your customers and closing out the sale.

Secret 15: Trial Closes

Russell Brunson describes this section as his “Favourite 16 mini-closes that you can layer and plug into your presentation to help persuade customers to buy your offer” He also states that he combines these closes almost anytime he’s going to ask somebody to make an investment with him.

Section Four: Becoming Your Dream Customers Guide

Secret 16: Testing Your Presentation Live

The complete 7-day guide you should follow EVERY week for an entire year to “test and tweak” your presentation, or until you hit the Two Comma Club, whichever comes sooner.

Secret 17: The Perfect Webinar Shortcut

If you’re in a hurry and have an offer you needed to get out to your audience like yesterday, use this Perfect Webinar Shortcut to have an entire presentation up and running in just 10-15 minutes!

Secret 18: The Five Minute Perfect Webinar

Cut your Perfect Webinar down to just 5 minutes without losing any value of what you’re offering to your audience. Perfect for Facebook Lives, sales pages, and when your offer costs less than $100.

Secret 19: Plugging Experts Secrets Into The Value Ladder

How to weave all of the stories, scripts, and frameworks inside Expert Secrets into different levels inside (and even outside) your funnel so you can guide your dream customer directly to what the result they are looking to achieve.

Expert Secrets Book Price

Depending on where you order from will depend on how much you pay for Expert Secrets.


Just like Russell Brunson’s other books Dotcom Secrets and Traffic Secrets, Expert Secrets is a free plus shipping offer, meaning the book itself is free of charge, you just pay for shipping.

The shipping cost is:

  • $9.95 – USA
  • $19.95 – Rest Of The World

Depending on where you are in the world will naturally have an impact on delivery times. USA delivery is approx 3-4 days and for the rest of the world, delivery is approx 7-10 days.

Expert Secrets Book Amazon

expert secrets amazon price illustration

If you order Expert Secrets Amazon the price is (at the time of writing this article) $30.51 for the 1st edition paperback, $15.88 for the 2nd edition hardback, and $10.39 for Expert Secrets Kindle edition. Click here for the latest Amazon Expert Secrets pricing.

You can also get the Expert Secrets Audible from Amazon, however, you have to take out a subscription to Amazon’s Audible service for this.

If you are thinking of ordering your copy from Amazon, please bear in mind:

  1. It is more expensive than ordering direct from ClickFunnels
  2. Amazon Expert Secrets does not include any of the Expert Secrets bonus stack below
  3. You can’t order any of the upsell items that ClickFunnels offer

Expert Secrets Bonus Stack

When you order your copy of Expert Secrets, as is typical of any Russell Brunson ClickFunnels offer, you will also receive the following free bonuses:

Expert Evolution Presentation

expert evolution illustration

A presentation to help you find your voice and establish yourself as an expert. You will also learn how to create your own frameworks, and teach frameworks to your audience in a way that they can remember them and also implement them into their lives.

Hook, Story, Offer Presentation

hoo, story, offer presentation

This presentation will teach you the powerful “hook, story, offer” framework and how you can use it to build better funnels, fix funnels that have flopped, and finally know with absolute certainty how to get your funnels working.

The Perfect Webinar Slides

The perfect webinar slides illustration

As you read the Expert Secrets book, you will learn about the “Perfect Webinar” framework. It takes many people 3-5 days, if not longer, to build out their own slides to model this proven presentation framework. But, order today and you’ll get a copy of Russell Brunson’s slide deck with training on how to customize it for your presentation.

The 5 Minute Perfect Webinar Presentation

the 5 minute perfect webinar presentation illustration

Jamie Cross (lady in the picture above) is one of the many members of the ClickFunnels Two Comma Club (entrepreneurs who have made at least $1,000,000 with a single sales funnel) She used Russell Brunson’s 5 Minute Perfect Webinar (mentioned above in the book information section) made a few tweaks, and bingo became a Two Comma Club member. In this bonus, you’ll get her training on how to do it as well as the script she developed to make it easy for anyone to implement!

30 Day Expert Secrets Challenge

30 day expert secrets challenge

Once you’ve read Expert Secrets the first thing you’ll be asking yourself is “Right, where do I start?”

The 30 day Expert Secrets challenge is a day by day action plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Expert Secrets Bonus Stack Recap


Expert Secrets Refund Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your copy of Expert Secrets, simply email ClickFunnels customer services or call the phone number on your receipt and they will refund your shipping costs in full. They will even let you keep the book!

Expert Secrets Affiliate Program

Another great bonus with Expert Secrets is that you can promote it to other people and earn up to a 40% commission for anything that they then buy from ClickFunnels.

How To Order Expert Secrets

To order your copy of Russell Brunson Expert Secrets, click the banner below to be taken to the order page:

Expert Secrets Book Review Banner

Once you’re on the order page, click the Yes! Reserve My FREE Copy Now! button:

expert secrets order page button

Fill in your details and click the Claim Special Offer button:

What Are The Upsells In The Expert Secrets Book Funnel?

The ClickFunnels Expert Secrets funnel has the following upsells available:

Expert Secrets Audiobook + 4 More Exclusive Products

To add the narrated by Russell Brunson Expert Secrets Audiobook, plus 4 more exclusive products for just $37, simply click the +ADD button and these will automatically be added to your order:

expert secrets audiobook upsell option

Expert Secrets Live

To add Expert Secrets Live, again just click the +ADD button and this will be automatically added to your order:

expert secrets live upsell

Funnel University

ClickFunnels Funnel University

Funnel University is an ongoing monthly training form ClickFunnels to keep you increasing your own success with sales funnels.

Funnel Accelerator Pack

The Funnel Accelerator Pack consists of:

One Funnel Away Challenge


The secrets trilogy books box set

The One Funnel Away Challenge, Funnelology the new free video training series which reveals how to grow your business using sales funnels, and of course, The Secrets Trilogy books box set.


Toonly Deal

An exclusive lifetime access deal for Toonly, a cartoon explainer video-making tool.

Expert Secrets Free PDF

There is an Expert Secrets eBook PDF download available, free of charge.

This Expert Secrets book PDF is NOT the new and updated 2nd edition book, it’s the first edition paperback book. Please be aware the PDF version is missing 90 pages of valuable information. I haven’t downloaded this myself as I have the 2nd edition hardback because I like to have the most up to date information to keep my business growing, but you can download the 1st edition Expert Secrets PDF here: Russell Brunson Expert Secrets Book PDF Free Download

Russell Brunson Expert Secrets Summary

Just like DotCom Secrets, I highly recommend this book to you. The value within its pages makes paying the shipping charge a no-brainer.

Again, the value this book offers is exceptional. No get rich quick scheme rubbish, it is tried and tested evergreen marketing 101 which Russell Brunson himself has used to make ClickFunnels the best SaaS platform on the net today.

I really like Russell’s writing style because you actually feel he’s written his books with you personally in mind, they are so engaging and everything is explained so clearly. Don’t worry if you’re not a tech guru, you don’t have to be.

I’m confident you’ll be so impressed with this Russell Brunson book that if you don’t take The Secrets Trilogy upsell option you’ll wish you had.

Remember, the Expert Secrets book is free, you only pay the shipping charges:

  • $9.95 – USA
  • $19.95 – Rest Of The World

Shipping costs are fully refundable if you’re not happy with the book.

Great bonus stack.

Promote the book as an affiliate and earn commissions.

If you’re serious about learning effective marketing strategies, order your copy of the Expert Secrets book free today by clicking the image below:

Expert Secrets Book Review Banner

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