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How To Disconnect PayPal From GetResponse: A Helpful Illustrated 5 Step Guide

In this article, I’m going to show you step by step how to disconnect PayPal from GetResponse.

This is simpler than connecting the two platforms together which was very easy to do.

Ready? let’s get to it.

How To Disconnect PayPal From GetResponse

Step 1

Log in to your GetResponse account and click on Menu in the top left corner:

GetResponse Dasboard Menu

Step 2

Click on Integrations and API:GetRespones Dashboard Integrations and API

Step 3

You will now see your list of integrations. Click on PayPal Payments:GetRespones Dashboard PayPal Payments

Step 4

Click on Disconnect:

GetResponse PayPal Payments

Step 5

Click on Yes, disconnect it:

GetResponse Dashboard Disconnect PayPal Payments


You will now see this screen which confirms that PayPal has been disconnected from your GetResponse account:

GetResponse Dashboard PayPal Payments


That’s it, job done. Now that you’ve disconnected PayPal you’re going to need another payment gateway integration. My recommendation for this would be Stripe.

I have this guide on how to integrate Stripe with GetResponse: How To Integrate Stripe With GetResponse

Thank you for taking the time to read my how to disconnect PayPal from GetResponse article, I hope you found it helpful.

Disclaimer: I am an independent GetResponse Affiliate, not an employee. All opinions expressed on my blog are my own based on my own experience of using the GetResponse software. I use affiliate links on my blog and may receive a commission for any links you click on and make a purchase.

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