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ClickFunnels For Real Estate Investors & Real Estate Agents

If you’re a real estate agent or investor looking for the best online marketing tool to help generate new leads, nurture those leads until you close the deal, and save you time and money at the same time, you’re in the right place.

What you need is ClickFunnels!

As 95% of home buyers are using the internet to search for a new home, if you’re not using ClickFunnels for real estate, you’re potentially losing a ton of clients to your competitors who are!

ClickFunnels has a solid reputation for helping businesses increase profits using sales funnel techniques that have time and again returned great results.

In this post, I’ll be going over:

  • What is ClickFunnels
  • Why use ClickFunnels for real estate
  • How to use ClickFunnels for real estate
  • Two business strategies that have made realtors over $1,000,000
  • A perfect example of a real estate funnel
  • A free lead generation training course
  • How you can get a 44% ClickFunnels discount

What Is ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one online tool for marketing and selling your products and services.

Created with user-friendliness in mind, ClickFunnels runs on a simple drag & drop page editor allowing you to quickly create sales funnels that automatically generate new leads 24/7, all without you having to learn complicated coding, becoming a tech-nerd, or spending a ton of money hiring someone who is.

ClickFunnels has inbuilt email and Facebook marketing automation.

You can create webinars to showcase your services to your clients which will shorten the sales cycle.

You can also track your prospects within your funnel pages so you know what interests them.

ClickFunnels has a straightforward fixed pricing structure:

  • ClickFunnels Basic
  • ClickFunnels Platinum

The ClickFunnels Basic Plan allows you to have 20 lead generation funnels and will easily integrate with many of the CRM or email autoresponders you may already be using.

With the ClickFunnels Platinum Plan, you could cancel your CRM and/or email autoresponder service as you get the full suite of ClickFunnels tools and:

  • UNLIMITED lead generation funnels
  • UNLIMITED funnel traffic
  • UNLIMITED email list contacts
  • UNLIMITED email sending per month

You no longer have to pay the penalty of being successful with price hikes as your contacts list grows, your web traffic increases or you start to use more features.

ClickFunnels comes with a no-obligation 14-day free trial which you can start today:

ClickFunnels 14 Day Free Trial Recap

ClickFunnels 14 Day Free Trial Order Button

If at any time you think ClickFunnels isn’t for you, simply cancel your ClickFunnels account before the 14-day free trial ends and you won’t be charged a single cent.

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What Is A Sales Funnel

Who better to explain that to you than ClickFunnels co-founder Russell Brunson:

Does ClickFunnels Work For Real Estate

ClickFunnels Brick & Mortar Summit

Yes, it does. Check out the Brick & Mortar Summit series of free interviews, from ClickFunnels Two Comma Club members (entrepreneurs who have made at least $1,000,000 with a single sales funnel in ClickFunnels).

There are 2 interviews in particular that you should watch (both of which you will receive on day 1) from Real Estate Agent Krista Mashore and Real Estate Investor Joe McCall:

Krista Mashore & Joe McCall

Both Krista and Joe talk you through the exact strategy that they implemented with ClickFunnels which has made them both Two Comma Club members.

Don’t worry if don’t take it all in, you’ll also get the PDF version of each strategy to download and keep at no cost.

ClickFunnels Brick & Mortat Summit Order Button

How To Use ClickFunnels For Real Estate

As Krista Mashore states in her Brick & Mortar Summit interview:

1: Understand “WHO” You Are Targeting

To use ClickFunnels to its full potential and increase your conversion rate, you have to understand “WHO”  you’re targeting.

For example:

  • If your clients are a family with kids, you could advertise homes near schools and parks
  • If your clients work away on business regularly, you could advertise homes that have good transport links

You may want to work with first time buyers, or people unfortunate enough to having being foreclosed on, it’s entirely up to you.

Once you know “WHO” you are targeting, you can then plan out your funnel.

Russell Brunson goes over this in detail in his free book DotCom Secrets.

2: Plan Out Your Funnel

The perfect ClickFunnels real estate funnel is a 2 or 3 page Squeeze Funnel.

As an example, let’s say you’re based in an area called North Beach and you specialize in homes under $300,000, your Squeeze Funnel would look like this:

Landing Page – Your lead comes to your landing page (also called a squeeze page) and you offer them a free report on homes for sale in the North Beach area:

Click Funnel For Real Estate Landing Page

Optin Page – After clicking Get Me My List on the landing page, your lead comes to the optin page, enters their information, and also has the option of receiving a free guide on increasing the value of their home before selling it. This will allow you to have sellers as well as buyers signing up with you:

ClickFunnels For Real Estate Optin Page

Thank You Page – Your lead then comes to your thank you page where you can remind them to contact you about any services you offer as well as reminding them of all the ways they can contact you:

ClickFunnels For Real Estate Thank You page

At this point, you can also link any scheduling software you may be using to your thank you page so your lead can book their appointment with you right away.

How many times have you signed up for something and thought “I’ll deal with that later” and then forgotten about it? We’ve all been there. If this lead does the same that’s potentially a lost client.

3: Drive Traffic To Your Landing Page

Now you’ve picked your niche and created your funnel, you need to drive traffic to it.

The most obvious choices to generate leads would be:

  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

You could also use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques on your website and social media accounts, but this takes more time to attract traffic than paid advertising.

There is a free book (you just pay for shipping) from ClickFunnels called Traffic Secrets in which Russell Brunson teaches you all his very best lead generation techniques from your various social media accounts and paid adverts.

A new free training course has just been launched by ClickFunnels called the 5 Day Lead Challenge:

5 Day Lead Challenge Banner

The 5 Day Lead Challenge takes just 30 minutes per day for 5 days and teaches you how to get practically unlimited new leads to your funnel.

ClickFunnels For Real Estate Best Practices

Add Some Urgency To Your Landing Page

Using these scarcity tactics has been proven to increase sign-ups.

To add scarcity to your landing page you could:

  • Use terms like “Limited Time Offer” or “Only 100 Available”
  • Add a countdown timer to back up the Limited-Time Offer statement
  • Use colors like red, yellow, and orange on your call to action buttons

Set Goals And Track Your Results

Setting yourself goals is a great way to keep yourself on track a sit gives you something to work towards.

If you’ve set yourself a goal of generating 1,000 new leads by the end of the year, check once per week to see if you’re still on track to meet that goal.

If you’re falling behind you’ll know you need to up your game a little.

Split Test Your Landing Pages

ClickFunnels allows you to perform split tests on your landing pages.

You can try testing:

  • Different images
  • Different text
  • Different colors
  • Different offers
  • Different call to action buttons

By split testing you can work out what combination of the above will work best for you, saving you spending a ton of money sending traffic to a page that won’t work for you.

Use Social Media

Having social media accounts is a must.

With Instagram and Pinterest you can put out photos of the homes you have for sale.

While taking photos for Instagram and Pinterest, why not make a video of the home you’re selling for your YouTube channel at the same time?

Facebook and Twitter let you interact with people in your area.

Add The Facebook Pixel To Your Funnel Pages

By adding the Facebook Pixel to your funnel pages, you can track your leads.

What’s the Facebook Pixel you may ask. Have you ever been looking at something online, and as soon as you open Facebook you’re bombarded with adverts for the very thing you’ve just been looking at online?

That’s because the website you’ve just been browsing has the Facebook Pixel installed, and you got tracked to Facebook so that company can advertise to you there.

Host Webinars

Hosting webinars is a great way to interact with your clients, especially in the current climate with the Covid pandemic.

You could:

  • Tell them about all the services you offer
  • Explain the benefits of buying or selling through you
  • Interact with them by inviting them to ask questions and get a live answer from you
  • Have past clients who have used your services join in a group chat and give you an endorsement

Hosting separate webinars for buyers and sellers saves your clients time and offers more value to them. Who wants to listen to how you could sell their home if they’re only wanting to buy one?

Find Out What Your Competitors Are Doing

There are plenty of realtors using ClickFunnels, so why not find out what’s working for them and replicate that for yourself?

Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels co-founder) will show you exactly how to do this in an ethical way in his Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass webinar.

Learn From The Experts

Sign up for the Brick & Mortar Summit and get the battle plans of Krista Mashore and Joe McCall.

If they can make over $1,000,000 using ClickFunnelks for real estate, there’s no reason why you can’t too!

Why Use ClickFunnels For Real Estate

Create Amazing Landing Pages

Building ClickFunnels landing pages to send your leads to from your advertising campaigns and capture their contact information is a breeze.

With ClickFunnels you can also add digital files to your landing pages so you could give away a free “report on properties for sale in your area” or “how to increase the value of your home prior to selling” or something specific to your chosen target audience.

Fully Responsive Funnels

ClickFunnels’ funnels and pages are fully responsive and automatically adjust to the screen size of the device they are being viewed on.

Your pages will look amazing whether your client is on a phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

It’s all about making that first impression a good one!

Simple To Use

The funnel builder in ClickFunnels was created with user-friendliness as it’s No.1 priority. The above real estate funnel template example took me less than 30 minutes to create.

It’s so simple to use, you don’t even have to bother building a funnel if you don’t want to. There are ready-made ClickFunnels real estate templates, all you have to do is alter the text and images to suit your business.

If you want something professionally created you can buy funnels from the funnel store. Below are two ready-made real estate funnels you could purchase:

Ultimate Real Estate / Realtor Property Funnel

Ultimate Real Estate/Realtor Funnel

Real Estate Lead & Squeeze Funnel

Real Estate Lead & Squeeze Funnel

ClickFunnels Share Funnel Feature

Even easier, if you know another realtor who uses ClickFunnels and they have an awesome funnel that’d you’d like to use, they can share it with you!

All they do is send you the funnel’s URL link, you click on it and that funnel installs into your ClickFunnels account automatically.

Imagine how much time and effort that could save you so you can focus on other jobs that need doing.

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Easily Integrates With Many Other Tools You May Already Use

Nurturing your clients is what ClickFunnels does best.

If you already use other tools for nurturing your qualified real estate leads, such as a CRM or email autoresponder, ClickFunnels easily integrates with many of them with just a couple of mouse clicks, including:

CRM Integrations

  • Agile CRM
  • Close
  • Pipedrive
  • SalesForce
  • Zoho CRM

Email Marketing Integrations

Payment Processing Integrations

Phone & SMS Messaging Integrations

  • Burst SMS
  • Call Fire
  • Call Loop
  • ClickSend SMS
  • Mobile Text Alerts
  • RingCentral
  • Salesmsg
  • SimpleTexting
  • SlickText
  • Slybroadcast
  • TextMagic
  • Twilio
  • ZipWhip

Schedule & Booking Integrations

  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Calendly
  • Freshsales
  • Follow Up Boss
  • Insightly
  • Keap (Infusionsoft)
  • LeadOwl
  • LionDesk
  • Salesmate
  • ScheduleOnce

ClickFunnels Has Fixed Pricing

You shouldn’t have to pay a penalty for being successful, so why do so many online tools increase your monthly subscription just because your email list has grown?

ClickFunnels has a straightforward pricing structure:

  • ClickFunnels Basic $97 per month
  • ClickFunnels Platinum $297 per month

Follow-Up Funnels (ClickFunnels’ email autoresponder) is only available on the Platinum Plan. So if you already have an email autoresponder tool you can take the Basic Plan, integrate it with ClickFunnels, and save yourself some money.

However, unlike some of their competitors who increase your subscription cost as your email contact lists grow, or you want more features, with ClickFunnels Platinum you get:

  • UNLIMITED sales funnels
  • UNLIMITED funnel pages
  • UNLIMITED email contacts
  • UNLIMITED email sending
  • UNLIMITED monthly traffic

All for one fixed monthly fee.

You can get a 44% ClickFunnels discount if you go for the Funnel Hacking Secrets bundle.

If you’d like to see the difference between the ClickFunnels Basic and Platinum pricing plans, please see my ClickFunnels Pricing plans article.

Fantastic Affiliate Program

Another great feature is the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

You can earn up to a 40% recurring monthly commission for as long as your referral remains a subscriber.

The Share A Funnel feature mentioned previously is a great way of doing this. Once you’ve got your funnel working, you could recommend ClickFunnels to your friends in the real estate industry, share your funnel with them, and start earning extra income from them.

3: Things You Should Do If You’re Considering Using ClickFunnels For Real Estate

1: Sign Up For The Free Brick & Mortar Summit

ClickFunnels Brick & Mortar Summit

This will give you a business strategy from 2 entrepreneurs who each made over $1,000,000 using ClickFunnels for real estate.

ClickFunnels Brick & Mortat Summit Order Button

2: Take The One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge Banner

A fast-paced 4-week training course that makes you take action and go from a newbie to having a fully functioning funnel in just 30 days!

You will be offered this opportunity at the Brick & Mortar Summit.

If you do take the One Funnel Away Challenge, I recommend that you don’t sign up for the ClickFunnels 14-day free trial until you actually need it in week 3 of the training, thus allowing you to get the most out of your free trial.

One Funnel Away Challenge Order Button

3: Take The Free 5 Day Lead Challenge

5 Day Lead Challenge Banner

This totally free course from ClickFunnels will teach you over 5 days how to generate practically unlimited new leads to your funnel.

Better yet, it takes just 30 minutes each day! I know you’re busy like most entrepreneurs are, but everyone can spare 30 minutes, can’t they?

5 Day Lead Challenge Order Button

ClickFunnels For Realtors Conclusion

Using Click Funnels for real estate will make it easy for you to capture buyers and sellers through landing pages, nurture those leads over time and convert them into deal closures.

ClickFunnels has a proven track record for helping businesses increase profits time and again, and returning great results.

Super simple to use so you don’t waste good time and money learning how to use it.

Fixed pricing structure so you know exactly what it’s going to cost you each month.

44% ClickFunnels pricing discount available if you want to pay for 6 months upfront.

You can integrate it with practically any tool you may already be using to nurture your leads.

Now you know all about ClickFunnels why not sign up for their no-obligation free 14-day trial so you can start capturing new leads today:

ClickFunnels 14 Day Free Trial Recap

ClickFunnels 14 Day Free Trial Order Button

Thank you for taking the time to read my ClickFunnels for real estate article, I hope you’ve found it helpful.

Disclaimer: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. All opinions expressed are my own, and not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company Etison LLC. I use affiliate links on my blog and may receive referral payments from ClickFunnels if you click on any links and make a purchase.

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